“The American Dream is Still Possible,” Says Marcela Iglesias  

Courtesy of Marcela Iglesias

20 years ago, when Marcela Iglesias moved to Los Angeles, she had ambitions of becoming a self-made woman. During the first decade here in America, Iglesias was an undocumented immigrant who worked her way up to create a life that she dreamed as a child. Along the way, she found herself in a bad relationship with the father of her child. But she decided to take ownership of her own destiny.

Today, Marcela is the head of her own “Plastics of Hollywood,” the first “Human Doll House” — and has a television show in the works. She feels that it is the perfect time to release content like this to help the younger generation, who spends the bulk of their time watch television and on social media seeing celebrities go through transformations, even though these celebrities claim that the results are from exercising and diet. Some of these celebrities admit to getting a touch up here and there, but we all know that more work than just a touch-up or exercise was done. The younger generation is getting false beauty advice from these personalities – they are being lied to. Marcela believes that by telling the truth about the transformations that her cast went through, it will help the younger generation stay away from diseases like anorexia, bulimia nervosa, pica, and BDD. With Plastics of Hollywood, Marcela would like to expose the truth and tell the world why her Dolls decided to change their appearances. To let them know that it was more than just vanity.

Courtesy of Marcela Iglesias

To complete her fantasy, she found her actual partner, who she believes is her soulmate. They met on the MySpace social media platform nine years ago and have not separated since. Marcela always knew since she was a child, that her wedding was going be showcased on television, and so she made it happen. On 2013 her wedding episode aired on a major network show as a season premiere. That was her biggest fantasy – a themed wedding that the whole world can still watch.

Marcela now has everything. She’s a stunning, fruitful, profession lady whose work as a talent director sees her often highlighted in the entertainment media with her clients. During her journey, she has caught the attention of many Angelino women who, although they are married or in relationships, their families are yet missing a sense of purpose in their lives. Through the years, many of these ladies have sought her out for assistance, which Marcela can’t help but deliver… irrespective of how brutal it may be. However, the ones who have taken Marcela’s no-nonsense guidance have discovered it to be exceedingly effective.

The combination of empathy and brutal honesty that’s made Marcela such a powerful manager for her clients has translated seamlessly to those who need to make changes in their lives or lifestyles. That’s why in 2017, Marcela released her most recent and most exciting project yet: P.L.A.M. (PERSONALIZED – LIFE – ALTERATION – MOTIVATION) which she calls “Marcela’s Way” – because it is her way or “no way.”

Raised in Argentina, the culture is different from the culture in the United States. They do not compete with others regarding materialistic things – like who has the biggest house or the best shoes or bags. So, her platform is used to teach individuals that they must be content with who they are as a person. Also, she wants to show the next generation that your personality is what matters, and to not fall into the trap of needing to have particular social status, or that you need to have followers on social media. You can be known for being yourself and not anyone else. And for those interested in getting her help, they need to know that it’s going to be her way or no way. They will need to respect her and take her advice. It’s Marcela’s Way. Period.

Courtesy of Marcela Iglesias

Marcela also has three potbellied pigs, Chuy, Bella, and Stella, with Chuy being the biggest, 200 pounds big.  She added Chuy to her family because she felt pigs are extremely smart and genetically are most compatible animal with the human anatomy. Upon potty training her potbellied pigs, and observing how smart and sensitive these animals are, she made the conscious decision to no longer eat meat due to the way animals are farmed and exploited. She does not support or condone animal abuse at all.

When Marcella received a note on her door from animal control, she realized the location she was living in at the time was not zoned for pigs or farm animals. When the city wanted to confiscate Chuy, she researched and discovered that there were states that considered potbellied pigs as domestic animals, and so decided to fight to keep Chuy. She went down to the city hall and found there was a journalist in the meeting, and after her speech, she contacted her and told her that she was willing to cover her story.

Courtesy of Marcela Iglesias

Marcela was able to obtain a permit to keep Chuy, but when she decided to rescue two more pigs, she relocated to an area that has the proper zoning law area. The first thing she tells people is to make sure your area will allow you to have certain animals living in your home, and the next thing is to make sure that your HOA, homeowner’s association, or your apartment complex will allow those types of animals on their property. You must do your due diligence to make sure you are complying with proper zoning laws in each state.

She states that having a potbellied pig is “as much work as having a dog – you must be fully committed to them. They are very smart and require attention. They are not toys.” Marcela now lives in a beautiful home with her husband, two stepchildren, her son and six rescued pets: two dogs, three pigs, and a bunny. She is very happy to be of service to people in need of help or guidance since that is what makes her the happiest.

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