RESPECT. Exclusive: Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller Plans To KO His Way To A Championship Bout Opportunity

This Saturday, two of Brooklyn’s finest will be putting their borough on their backs in their backs when they step in the ring. The main event will be Maciej Sulecki going up against middleweight power puncher and Brooklyn native Daniel “The Miracle Man” Jacobs. In the bout before that, heavyweight Frenchman Johann Duhaupas will be facing Jarrell “Big Baby”Miller at the Barclays Center. Now Miller is no slouch to take lightly as his last bouts have ended in stoppage or in TKO. Thanks to his kickboxing experience, “Big Baby” is one of those rare rounded heavyweights who is very elusive around the ring and has the capability to combine speed and power which ends bouts within a blank of a eye. With an undefeated record of 20-0, Miller who is the current is on the prowl to earn the  opportunity to fight Deontay Wilder or Anthony Joshua for a world heavyweight title. If Miller is able to take down Johann, we can potentially see a heavyweight championship blockbuster in which will include nothing but explosive power punching at its best.

As we are just two days away from the big showdown in “the concrete jungle”, RESPECT Magazine was able to catch up with the Brooklyn bred heavyweight. “Big Baby” discussed his training methods, strategies he using to defeat Johann and some surprises he has enstored for his hometown Brooklyn fans.

RESPECT: As you are days away from fighting to keep your undefeated streak alive and for a possible shot at the world title, what are some of the things you look for to stay focus and let distractions get the best of you?

JM: Um, it’s just all about continue to do what I’ve been doing man. Being a gym rat, being around guys that going to keep me motivated, guys that’ll keep me grounded and have me going to the gym on a daily basis. You know it’s just sticking to the basis of what I been doing. I try not to do a lot of extra things in the gym, just to keep things in moderation. I feel that’s what getting me there and I am going to continue to do the things that’s gotten me to the point where I am at right now.

RESPECT: Three out of your last 5 fights ended with a TKO. What are some of the strategies you look for to continue this great knockout pace you started as of lately?

JM: The main thing is continue to become stronger and healthy, not paying attention to the media gossip and trying to see what they want rather than doing what the fighters are suppose to do. You can hype a fighter up so much like Johann, who has crazy knockout power but if you seen his last couple of fights, he hasn’t really knocked anyone out. The referees had to jump in there to save his opponents. I have knock out power and you can tell that in my last performance. But I know my training has to change and that’s what I’m focused on. I’m making certain changes here and there but mainly I am making sure I am having fun with it that’s all.

RESPECT: Your opponent is known to have a jab and a iron chin. He loves to apply pressure by attacking with a slew of punches. What are you going to do to help stand your ground and to make sure you dictate the pace of the fight?

JM: I do what I always do. I can boxing and I can apply pressure when I want. Gerald Washington came out and said I fought with a lot of energy and that he couldn’t bring the fight to me and that’s never really happened to him. So if Johann brings the fight to me, I’m going to knock him out in rounds 4 or 5. If he decides to run, then I think I’ll get him out of here within rounds 7 or 8. He’s the kind of fighter that I like for me to do damage on. He’s going to try to apply pressure and I’m going to make him pay. Soon as he starts coming aboard, I’m going to make sure he feels every punch being thrown at him. I’m going to get him out of there.

RESPECT: As all fight fans may know, this isn’t your first go around fighting in your hometown in the Big Apple. You won a Golden Glove at the Garden and you have represented well in your actual hometown of Brooklyn with a tough win over Gerald Washington. What kind of energy the fans can expect from you entering this bout against the Frenchman?

JM: I feel the energy is going to be great. I don’t feel that too much is going to change at all. I feel that people are going to start to get the buzz that they have another future heavyweight champion coming from out of Brooklyn and the main thing is once the title is won, and do what we do best. The main thing is to show these fans and critics what I can do best.

RESPECT:  Are there any entrance surprises you have up your sleeve to give you more moral support?

JM: *chuckles loudly* Put it like this man. I’m not going to say no names yet but I’m definitely cooking up some surprises with a fellow Brooklynite with my entrance and it’s going to be hype. We worked on every angle, to get the mass publicity as well as setting the moment up where we can be more in tune with the fans. I basically got everything figure out as far as the gear, the walk out, the walk out song so you better stay tune because it’s going to be special.

RESPECT: What music you currently listen to help you prepare during training and before your fights?

JM: Aww man, I definitely listen to a lot. It’s funny because out of all the rappers coming out of the NY and Brooklyn, I’ve been checking out this Tekashi 6ix9ine rapper that all the kids been talking about. These new age style of rappers been throwing me off with the wild color hair and all that but I’m a old school kind of guy. When I’m warming up, I listen to a lot of James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, something to get the body moving. But as I pick it up and the body is warmed up, I dig down to the grassroots hip hop sound like DMX, Tupac, that kind of stuff. I definitely do mix it up like whenever I’m doing cardio, I listen to EDM. So as you can see, we definitely have fun with it.

RESPECT: After this bout, who is the next one you aiming for? There’s Deontay Wilder, there Anthony Joshua. Who you wanna shot at and think you can take at this point in your career?

JM: At this point, I’ll take anyone who wants to give me a shot. I just want the media to do their homework you know. Deontay hasn’t fought anybody yet and who has AJ fought yet besides Dillian Whyte or Charles Martin. There opponents are a bunch of nobodies. Deontay fought Stiverne who beat Chris Arreola. Honestly, I got a better record than both of those fighters put together. I fought tougher guys, former national champions but like I said come April 28th, the proof will be in the pudding that I’m better than both of those guys and the world will take notice of it after I beat Johann.

Fight fans, make sure you tune into HBO Boxing on Saturday April 28 as Miller plans to take another major step to etch himself amongst the all time heavyweight greats who came out of Brooklyn. Be on the look out for this monstrous music surprise he has enstored for all the hip hop fans as it is bound to have the sports and music world talking.

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