Reebok & Foot Locker Present: 3:AM ATL feat. LoveRenaissance & FRKO RICO


On the heels of their “3:AM” launch in New York City, Reebok Classic and Foot Locker continue to celebrate the endless energy of the early morning hours by taking their latest installment of the content and event series to the streets of Atlanta. Through a film short and an exclusive footwear and apparel collection, Reebok Classic and Foot Locker partnered with Atlanta-based creative collective LVRN, aka LoveRenaissance, and noted local artist FRKO RICO, aka Freako Rico, to examine how the city sparks creativity and fuels inspiration in the early morning hours.


“Atlanta is a mecca of urban creative culture and a breeding ground of hip-hop legends. It’s a place that Reebok Classic and Foot Locker have had deep ties to for years, so we couldn’t be more thrilled to travel to Atlanta for this second installment of the 3:AM series,” said Neal Taylor, General Manager of Reebok Classic. “Our partnership with LVRN and FRKO RICO is the perfect way to illustrate this deeper storytelling that aligns with our boundary-breaking ethos.”


LVRN is an Atlanta-based music management company, record label, and publishing company. The five founders – Junia Abaidoo, Justice Baiden, Tunde Balogun, Sean Famoso McNichol and Carlon Ramong – share an Atlanta-bred entrepreneurial spirit and disregard for convention.


“We’ve never tried to play by the rules,” said Justice Baiden. “Reebok Classic and Foot Locker gave us the chance to reinterpret icons and to be the first music management company to have its own sneakers.  We’re excited to bring the energy of Atlanta to the world through these designs.”


A symbol of the city’s unrefined elements, FRKO RICO’s works are as iconic and distinctive as his personality. He is best known the contemporary illustrations produced for the album covers of Action Bronson and Ugly God.


“My work has always remained raw and true to my style,” said FRKO RICO, “Reebok Classic and Foot Locker appreciate my art for what it is and let me do my thing when it came to designing my Classic Leather. I hope this inspires younger generations of Atlanta-based artists to keep doing their thing.”


In the 3:AM Atlanta launch video here, we follow the LVRN founders and FRKO RICO across the city to capture an intimate glimpse of where they draw their late-night inspiration. The raw film tours emblematic Atlanta hotspots such as Cascade roller-skating rink, mural-adorned Little Five Points and tattoo parlor City of Ink, while featuring the crews’ inner circle of friends and family.


In addition to this short film, Reebok Classic worked alongside LVRN and FRKO RICO to create a capsule collection of 3:AM Atlanta footwear and apparel, which showcases the partners’ unique spin on Reebok Classic’s most notable silhouettes. Included in the capsule collection is the Workout Plus 3AM ATL, LVRN Classic Leather and FRKO Classic Leather, as well as a selection of three T-shirts and one hoodie. From the iconic MARTA public transportation system to Georgia’s famous “red-clay,” each item draws inspiration from places and moments in Atlanta’s history that are deeply personal and meaningful to both LVRN and FRKO.


The limited-edition collection of 3:AM Atlanta product will be available exclusively at Foot Locker, and on April 27.


For more information on 3:AM Atlanta and to learn more about the future stops on the 3:AM journey, please visit:


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