Houston Rising Star Gorgeous George Returns with “Watermellon Jolly Rancher”

Houston native Gorgeous George The Pimp God is back with “Water Mellon Jolly Rancher.”

His hot, catchy, new vibrant (post-)Summer anthem does not disappoint. George delivers intricate while still witty lyrics over a fluid beat. It’s obvious from his name and the content of this track that George certainly loves the ladies, and the ladies love him back. There can be no doubt what the song title references with lyrics like, “she says she wanna use both hands.”

“She says she wanna lick the wrapper, put it in her mouth and don’t take it out.”

Be sure to check out his technique: Gorgeous George’s flow goes from free-flowing and easy, to choppy and cutting without missing a beat.

As with his previous releases, George proves that he is an extremely talented lyricist. “Watermellon Jolly Rancher” makes us wonder what is next on the horizon for The Pimp God?

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