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RESPECT. had the opportunity to sit down with a Philadelphia-based Hip Hop artist by the name of Schilly. Schilly recently released his Love, Schilly EP, which features singles “The Way,” “Lay With You” and “Sunrise Shortie,” all produced by Charley Coin.

Schilly stated “The process for Love, Schilly began at the top of 2017. We didn’t initially know what it would turn into…we were just working. We were making new music and starting from scratch every day. I wanted the project to give whoever listens, a glimpse of that feeling you get when you first meet someone, and they immediately give you butterflies. It’s something that has been absent from my life for awhile, so I really wanted to recreate it through the music.”

Schilly has had the opportunity to work with notable artists such as Moosh & Twist and Lil Dicky.

During the interview, we had the opportunity to ask Schilly about his childhood growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In addition, Schilly discussed how he came up with his stage name along with whom he would like to work with in the studio.  He even breaks down the current music scene in Philadelphia. Schilly’s entire interview with RESPECT. can be seen below.

RESPECT.: Can you tell us how you came up with your stage name?

Well, my last name is Schill. Growing up nobody really called me by my first name, & once I got to high school the ‘Y’ was just added to my friends. ‘The Vet’ is something I said in a rap forever ago & people just started calling me Schilly The Vet ever since so I ran with it.

RESPECT.: How would you describe yourself growing up?

I was the kid in school that substitute teachers had nightmares about. I was he really smart, I just didn’t have the patience for school. I was always tryna be outside with the homies doing some drawing s***. I was a good kid, I just didn’t really know how to control myself.

RESPECT.: Which artists were you inspired by growing up in Philly?

The whole headshot underground scene in the city was huge from as far back as I can remember for real. My older brother put me on Joey Jihad, Meek, Reed & them when I was like 7 or 8. I have been rocking with Meek ever since.

RESPECT.: Your music is really laid-back. What made you gravitate to that sound vs. The cliche trap music of today?

When I first started making music, I didn’t know what I wanted to make. Just wanted whatever it was to be accepted by my peers. & I did that for a while, rapped on youtube type beats & talked about a bunch of shit I didn’t have. But eventually, I wasn’t really getting any love. So I just said fuck it, I’m gonna make music that’s true to me, & as long as I love it then that’s all that matters.

RESPECT.: What was your inspiration behind your latest project “Love, Schilly?”

Funk. Weed. & Beautiful women.

RESPECT.: How did you connect with Charley Coin?

He seems to have played a big role in bringing “Love, Schilly” to life. I met Charley Coin about 2 years ago through our mutual friend Wes Walker. He made a beat remix to one of my first solo songs & we’ve been working together ever since. He’s influenced me a lot & without him, this project would have never happened.

RESPECT.: Can you tell us what it was like for you working with Moosh & Twist and Lil Dicky?

Opening for those guys was wild. I was 17 & a part of a duo when we opened up the TLA w/ Moosh & Twist, then a year or two later we opened for them at The Foundry @ Fillmore for a sold out crowd. Nothing but love for those dudes.

RESPECT.: Where do you see your career headed in the next couple of years?

Really I just wanna continue to make good music that I believe in. I think sooner or later all the gimmicks will mean less & less, & the people out here staying true to the art will get their time. That being said, I feel like if we just keep working, Charley Coin & I have the potential to carve a whole new lane in the game for ourselves.

RESPECT.: Who are some artists you would love to get into the studio with in the future?

Frank Ocean & Anderson.Paak, easy. I just wanna watch those guys work honestly.

RESPECT.: What are your thoughts on Philly’s music scene? 

Philly scene bound to blow any day now. I think there’s enough talent in the city to have a wave just as big as Chicago did a few years back. Honestly, I wanna work with all my talented contemporaries in Philly. I think if people like Grams, Whack, Andrea Valle, Miles Chancellor, Sodacanman, Charley Coin, & Shawn Smith were all collaborating that we could really push something huge in the city.

RESPECT.: Do you have any aspirations outside of the entertainment business?

Not really, since I was a kid, I’ve always seen myself being a part of it in some kind of way.

RESPECT.: What can we expect from you heading into the rest of 2017?

Brand new visuals/merch/music. Just more content in general. I definitely don’t plan on slowing down.

Oh yeah, & we are throwing a show @ The Trocadero July 21. I’m performing with a full band for the first time, come out & dance with us!

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