RESPECT. Interview: Getting to Know Angel + Inside Scoop of What’s Coming Up


RESPECT. was able to catch up with singer/songwriter and UK artist, Angel and talk to him about what he is about to bring to the table. The interview went into detail about his inspirations, motivations, music and the future, and his journey into the music industry. Check out the interview below.

RESPECT.: Being in your family’s music group “The Charles Family,” who inspired you to make and sing R&B?
Michael Jackson was like the first and foremost to inspire me of all artists and music I was listening to apart from reggae. The 90’s era is when I developed a passion for it R&B music.
RESPECT.: How does it feel knowing that your father was able to work alongside Bob Marley?
That is the epicness and inspiration of it all. It’s a part of a legacy. It’s history and having that culture embedded in me is what makes me the person that I am today. I actually still use some of those elements in my music.
RESPECT.: How was it that you got in contact with Swizz Beatz and since working with him how much have you learned from him?
I met Swizz Beatz in 2012. I was doing some work with Lewis Hamilton and we took a flight to NY and Swizz was on the jet. I grew up listening to Swizz so it was a crazy experience and we just had an organic relationship build from there. I’ve learned a lot of different things growing up listening to his music. It’s still kind of crazy to have him guide me with that level of wisdom. He genuinely wants to see me win so that feels good.
RESPECT.: How much of an influence did growing up in the UK have on your music career? Were there any setbacks at one point that made you think that making music wasn’t important?
There were definitely no setbacks that ever made me think that making music wasn’t important because I live, breathe and sleep music. With this 90s R&B type of sound, the UK wasn’t really grasping it and now they are getting into it. The UK definitely inspires my sound and I think you can hear the inspiration in
my music. I love London and I want to embed the British culture in everything that I do and highlight it all over the world with the R&B music that I make.
RESPECT.: Being not only a singer but also a songwriter, have you ever written for anyone else? And how does it feel to be signed by Motown/Capitol?
I’ve written for tons of people – pretty much everyone on the UK scene. I’ve done work with Rihanna, Kehlani, Jeremih, Swizz Beatz. SO many people. In regards to Motown, I’m overwhelmed every single day. All of the greats were at Motown – The Jackson 5 and everyone. I dreamt of this moment and now I’m living it so I feel like I have a responsibility. I have to deliver. The A&R who signed me is also very selective of who she works with so it’s nice to know that
she liked my music and knowing that she only like to work with artists who she believes are great also inspires me.
RESPECT.: What was the reasoning behind your debut EP ‘Her?’ Is it about a special someone or was it just a name that you thought that fit well?
HER was like a brainstorm for things that stem off. It was just a name. Most of the things that I was singing about relate to a woman and not just one woman, but all women. It’s more metaphorical than anything.
RESPECT.: With the release of this EP, which tracks can you say are your personal favorite and if so, why those particular tracks?
I would say it depends on my mood. If it’s a day where I’ve been thinking about a ride or die chick and someone who’s ready to go the full nine for me, it would be “Thelma and Louise.” If I’m on a gyal vibe, then I’m going to love the track “Me&You.” So it varies to which mood I’m in but I really love “Thelma and Louise.”
RESPECT.: While putting this EP together which producers did you have a chance to work with?
I only worked with Harmony who’s my brother from another mother and everything else was self-produced.
RESPECT.: Who helped put together the track“ Tongue Song” featuring a sample of Sisqo’s “Thong Song?”
I put it together myself. All of the records aside from “Fvck With You” I’ve produced myself which I feel is really important for the fans to know.
RESPECT.: How was it working with Rich Homie Quan on “Fvck With You?”
That was sick. Rich is genuine. The first time I met him physically was when we shot the video in Atlanta and I thought it may have been somewhat awkward because we’ve never met before but it didn’t feel forced. It felt super genuine but it was nice. Another thing we should mention is that he was only contracted to do 2 songs but stayed and did like 4 scenes, which was also really cool to me.
RESPECT.: Looking back at your past projects, what can you say has changed about you and the energy you bring to your records on this upcoming album of yours?
Maybe 4 years ago, the music that I was putting out was somewhat
compromised because it was so calculated. Now I just make the music that I’ve always wanted to make. The first mixtape I put out was really R&B and I always felt like that was more of my lane.
RESPECT.: What and who should we be expecting on your new album?
To be fair, it’s all up in the air right now. I haven’t quite figured it out right now. I want this album to represent me to the highest level. I want people to feel that I put together an insane body of work and genuinely feel that this is a sick project.
You can stream Angel’s track “Tongue Song” and watch his video for “Fvck with You” below.