The hip-hop nation demands respect. Launched in November 2009, rap aficionados worldwide will finally received it — a magazine that doesn’t care about the latest beef or how much cash your favorite rapper has in the bank. With the print game changing and the ever-growing amount of free urban content on the Web, there is a need for a publication that raises the quality standard, delivering world-class editorial and images by some of the most celebrated photographers in pop culture. RESPECT. magazine targets a sophisticated and intelligent reader, who desires a publication that speaks to them with class and visually has soul. Welcome to the new old school.

RESPECT magazine is published quarterly by Musinart, LLC, an integrated media agency that specializes in content creation. Founded by the former Executive Publisher and cocreator of XXL, Antenna, Rides and Revolver magazines, Musinart seamlessly integrates the worlds of print, video, Web and social media. Distinguished platforms  include,,,, as well as Atlantic Records, Fueled By Ramen and Roadrunner Records.

Editor Elliott Wilson
Publisher Ethan Hutchinson
Designer R. Scott Wells
Managing Editor Rachelle Gauthier
Photo Editors Kali Abdullah
Copy Editor Phoebe Smithson
Integrated Ad Coordinator Lindsey Zalanka
Bespoke Digital Retoucher Darren Westlund
Online Editor Stephen Kearse
Editorial Interns Brittani Austin, Brian Farmer, Jack Freifelder, Peter Marrack, N. Micah Peters, Darrell Robinson, Junius Ross-Martin, Ragel Thys, Jeff Upp, Nick Williams, Jordan Zirm
Executive Assistant Shivas Howard Brown
Web Consultant Kevin Fong
Distribution Kable Distribution Services
14 Wall Street, Suite 4C,
New York, NY 10005
Export Marketing Director George Metzler
Advertising/Sponsorship Inquiries, Call: 718-303-9931


President Ethan Hutchinson