With His Album on The Way, Teej Releases Highly Anticipated Single, “Aquafina”


Photo from @PapiChuloTeej

Throughout the history of time, debates have been had on just how we as humans have come to be on this Earth. Religion, science & everything in between have done their best to try and give accurate hypotheses, but at the end of the day, it’s all debatable. One thing that isn’t, is the power that was given to females who carry a special…. aquatic treasure on their person. If you ask Las Vegas  singer/rapper Teej on his new single, “Aquafina,” it damn near might be heaven.

Boasting a relatively strong regional buzz as an unreleased track performed at shows, “Aquafina” sees Teej solidly put together all of the flashes he showed on his previous releases, just in time for album mode. With a catchy cadence that calls for a fun chorus, Teej also carries through the verse for just the right amount of time, just as the chorus starts ringing in your head again.

We caught up with the 20-year-old to talk about his new single, upcoming debut album and a little more. Check it out below.

RESPECT. MagazineUpdate your fans with what’s going on with Teej.

Teej: I’m finishing up the album, trying to make sure my debut is something special. Not just a, “here and now thing” You know?

RESPECT.When is the album coming exactly?

Teej: June 29th! I’ll finally be 21 so everyone in the city can stop picking at me that I have to sneak in to my own shows, haha.

RESPECT.Is this an official single from the album?

Teej: Yes, this is the first single of one more to come off the album.

RESPECT.When can we see Teej on tour?

Teej: Later this year actually! With a brand new friend of mine…

Check out Teej’s new single, “Aquafina” below and be sure to keep an eye out for his upcoming project, set to release June 29th.

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