#PeepTheVisual: Gineaux – “Finesse”


Photo from @_gineaux_

Remember back in the day when music videos had purpose? Before the days when it was just half-naked women, guns, money and drugs? It’s not to say that those videos don’t have their place, but adding some direction couldn’t hurt. Just ask Louisiana native Gineaux who crafts a wonderful video for his single, “Finesse.”

Set to the backdrop of Dallas, Texas, “Finesse” sees Gineaux start the video off with a two minute long scene where he first talks to the plug on the phone, then infers to his homie that his methods of payment are a bit…. untraditional. The video then follows Gineaux through Dallas as he showcases both his drip and his storytelling prowess.

Check out the video for, “Finesse” below and be sure to keep an ear out for the Louisiana native.

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