Meet Swaggy Sie; The DJ Empress Of Hip Hop That The Culture Has Been Missing

A month has passed since the world has paid homage to Women’s History Month. But there’s young female talents in the industry who is on the verge to become a significant mark on the history of hip hop. Amongst the young leading ladies of the culture is none other than Swaggy Sie. If the name rings bells to you, it’s because you may seen her join forces with some of rap game’s iconic figures such as DJ Whoo Kid on Sirius XM Radio Shade 45 .Now, the young phenom is ready to step out of the shadows of the greats and properly introduce herself to America as one of the leading ladies of hip hop. With the arrival of her brand new show on Sirius XM radio known as The Culture Trap With Swaggy Sie, the talented Sienna Garraway is ready to bring the most exclusive and most hottest rap songs to a trap house near you.


Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Sienna developed a passion for music very early on. As a high school student attending School of the Future in NYC, she landed her first internship at G-Unit Records, a label owned and operated by rapper turned music mogul, Curtis Jackson aka “50 Cent”. Her hustle, drive and hunger quickly gained her footing as a force to be reckoned with. By the time she graduated from Long Island University with a bachelors in Broadcasting & Journalism, she mastered her craft and skills on the campus radio station WCWP which led to a smooth transition of her landing an internship at Sirius XM Radio Shade 45 in the summer of 2014.  Being around greats such as Sway Calloway, Ed Lover, DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Suss One and an plethora of hip hop’s greatest acts have helped her gain an sense of swagger and an unique persona to the art of radio DJ as these influential OG’s were able to school her on using the platform to her advantage.


At a young age, Sienna was able to create some major from attention Sirius XM’s executives thanks to her attention to detail, drive and ambition .This led to her being promoted as Music Director of Shade 45. But most importantly, with the help and moral support of Ronnie “Mills” Triana, who is Program Director of Hip Hop Nation & Shade 45, she was able to successfully launch her own show.she was able to successfully launch her own show, The Culture Trap With Swaggy Sie, which went live on Monday. April 9 on Hip Hop Nation. Already with raving reviews, be sure to tune in every night from 12 am to 3 am eastern time to see why Swaggy Sie is what the game’s been missing. Make sure you fasten your seat belt. She’s prone to have the trap house jumping like Jordan.

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