Chris LaBella and Ra’Shaun Team Up To Release “WYA”

Photo Credit: @chrislabella608

Chris LaBella is no stranger to multitasking. The eclectic artist out of Wisconsin has continued to find a niche both vocally and instrumentally, and he plays multiple roles on his latest track titled “WYA.”

A song devoted to twisted, nostalgic visions love and lust, “WYA” is one of a few new cuts LaBella was excited to share upon the announcement of his newly formed Permasonic Records.

Starting off on a forlorn piano chord, the beat builds with a radiant horn and LaBella’s question of “Lady, whatcha doin’ to me?” a tone setter that guides he and fellow Permasonic mate Ra’Shaun for the rest of the song.

Ra’Shaun told RESPECT. that “Chris is always throwing out ideas that make sense in the end,” while adding that “‘WYA’ was perfect timing because we’re all humans who deal with relationships, and sometimes we find people and still want them around, even if they’re not good for us.”

The track is a team effort, LaBella and Ra’Shaun see-sawing takes across a jazzy canvas. Ra’Shaun details of a lying lover and paints pictures of a vice filled evening, while LaBella croons of what used to be, realizing that the tables have turned in his relationship.

Check “WYA” out below, and be sure to keep an eye out on Permasonic’s upcoming releases.


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