BB Knight & BB Koat Reconnect With LoneWolf For New Visuals to, “No Static”


BB Knight + Mikey PX + BB Koat from @KnightTheBB

Hip-Hop has always been known for its contributions to America’s ever evolving capacity for dialogue — slang — and lately, for its effects on political & social matters. But the one thing without a doubt that has always been our main export is swagger. If I’m not mistaken, the kids these days are calling it, “drip.” Whatever you want to call it, just know that nobody has more of it than wonder-duo BB Knight & BB Koat, & they have no problem letting that be known in the new video for, “No Static.”

One of the first things that caught my eye other than the mind-boggling visual effects provided by buzzing video-director LoneWolf, was the authenticity of the location. While the video provides a beautiful California backdrop, it’s one that’s different from the normal sunny skies or Fairfax fashion shots that were used to seeing.

With insane production by Vegas riser UliCookUp setting the table for BB to black out, “No Static” serves as the perfect follow up to last years string of videos that have made both artists red-hot on the underground scene. Check out the video below and be sure to stay connected with BB Knight & Koat.

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