Uptown DC’s Very Own Chico MDA Debuts His New Single Frank Diggy Celebration

The high speed song entitled “Frank Diggy Celebration” is an uptempo track performed by Northwest DC’s artist Chico MDA.  He starts the song off in the intro stating “This a celebration!”, as the soulful touch of Caitlin Johnson’s voice serenades in the background, gently singing “Im on my way”, Chico pays homage to his deceased friend and brother Frank Diggy along with sending messages of truth, triumph and purpose.  The track is an ode to his late friend but also provides the soundtrack to Chico’s new ambitions in life and him securing success.

Chico says that, “Frank shared the same dream, vision and passion about rapping as myself but was killed along the way of us pursuing our dreams.  Everything was going good until his death and then 2 months later I was arrested and had to do time for distribution of crack/cocaine.  I made the song personal & general so that, anybody who feel like they struggled, survived it, came out alive and is standing firm in a better position in life will be able to relate to it. Its like lets celebrate cause nigga we made it!”

Chico MDA delivers this jubilant single off his upcoming project Street Music Volume 3 Against All Odds which is slated to drop Summer 2018.

Listen Here: https://m.soundcloud.com/chico-mda/chico-mda-frank-diggy-celebration

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