The YES! Movement Is About To Be Revived: WWE SmackDown Live! GM Daniel Bryan Has Been Cleared To Wrestle Again

A lot of people view this news as amazing and astonishing. Many fans and critics believed that they would never see the day it would happen again. A miracle happened today in sports as major wrestling news has sparked an huge amount of excitement. Former WWE Heavyweight champion and current Smackdown Live! general manager Daniel Bryan has been cleared to return to the ring to potentially wrestle. Bryan has been out of in ring competition for roughly three years after he finally admitted to WWE officials that he suffers from concussion based seizures. Best known for his signature “YES!” chant and fast paced aggressive wrestling style, Bryan was an fan favorite underdog who left it all in the ring. Well after two extensive years of research evaluations, Daniel was cleared by three leading concussion experts. Only thing on everyone’s mind is if we will able to see the high-flying, hard-kicking wrestler back in the ring.

Bryan overcame all odds since his very first start in WWE. After he was released in 2000, he started to gain notoriety and the WWE decided to give him another chance, this time in their newly organized minor league division called NXT. Bryan went on to become apart of the WWE main roster in 2010 and the rest was a historical one. In Wrestlemania XXX, he became the first wrestler ever to win two matches in the historical event by defeating Triple H in the opening match of the event and winning the WWE Heavyweight Title in a triple threat match.

As we are just weeks away from Wrestlemania XXXIV in New Orleans, don’t be surprised if we see an in-ring surprise from Daniel as fans have finally got their prayers answered.

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