RESPECT. The Tape: Givemosesgive – ‘I’ll Meet You There’


Photo by Tre Turner

EP’s are often an effective way for new artists to shine. While it’s never a bad idea to deliver the full length if you have the chops, introducing yourself with an EP allows you to give just enough without tiring the listener in today’s microwave culture. 3-5 tracks can get across your talent while leaving us wanting more. Checking into the RESPECT. pages for the first time are Givemosesgive and Joe Preece, who deliver their short, but sweet EP, I’ll Meet You There, that touches on a lot for being so short.

With only three tracks on tab, the project packs a nice punch. “Not Sad” stays true to the title, with it’s high-octane bass kicks and energetic lyics from Givemosesgive, while “Grow” and “Shades” provide the potential to be breakouts. With Preece coming from Kentucky, and Givemosesgive hailing from Harlem–now in LA–it seems like an unlikely match. “My guy Keion, who is a mutual friend, told me about Moses and the sound he wanted for he is EP,” Preece tells us via email, “From there, it was a wrap.”

Check out the EP, below and be sure to stay tuned for more from both.

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