RESPECT. Interview: Retro Starkey Wants to Bring Those Good Feels Back to Music

Photo Credit: Retro Starkey

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, recording artist Retro Starkey is shaking things up with his recent release nine1. The album of 15 tracks perfectly displays his vast amount of talents like creating overall eclectic and distinctive feel good music. We recently caught up with him to get to know the shining artist a little more. Check out the conversation and stream his new album below.

RESPECT.: Hey Retro, how are you today? For those that don’t know you by now, tell us about yourself?

I am retro, I am a proud black man, and I want to bring back those good feels to music that we are missing. That’s what I was raised around and that’s what is missing in music. We owe it to the greats and even to ourselves. We deserve good music and I am not saying there is anything wrong with the music out now, I am just saying music does not have a certain feeling anymore.

RESPECT.: What do you usually listen to? What is in your playlist?

Tupac, Eazy-E, TLC, Dr. Dre, Chris Brown, and Michael Jackson.

RESPECT.: You recently dropped a project.

Yeah nine1, its actually doing really good about to drop the deluxe in mid april. 2 songs on there are produced by OG Parker. I am adding bonus material. I am gearing up to bring back hip-hop to where it needs to be.

RESPECT.: I am assuming its about the 90’s. what do you enjoy the most about that era?

People assume that because its called nine1 and I use a lot of samples that really gives you a 90’s feel. I was born in the 90’s like I said, my mom would go to work and I didn’t have a baby sitter. She had 6 kids so she would just go and leave us at home by ourselves. So, my older sister would have to watch us and she had an amazing CD collection. When she would go to work she would tell us not to touch her CD’s and knowing us kids, we got sticky fingers. I was so intrigued by how the music sounded so with that being said, I was just so in love with music. I just loved to sit with the music and learn. The 90’s gave me a beautiful feel that made me fall in love with music today.

RESPECT.: I saw you performed at SXSW. How was that experience? Where can we catch your next show?

It was real lit. You know SXSW is about being more in tune with the people. I went out there to bring them me. Bring them Retro. and I know what I bring to the table is totally different so whenever I go out to a show I know I will be ready.

RESPECT.: What’s next for RETRO?

My next show will be in Atlanta April 8th at Aisle 5. It’s the show for the tape. Im about to release the deluxe version of nine1 with two songs and one produced by OG Parker. I am not going to stop working I am coming with something else after.

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