RESPECT. Interview: Meet Fran, Hairstylist of Hip-Hop Star Cardi B

Photo Credit: HairByFran

Behind every glamourous superstar, there is a glam team that keeps the artist shining beautifully under the spotlight. Today, our RESPECT. team is excited to introduce you to Fran. Fran is widely known for being the hairstylist for Grammy nominated rapper Cardi B and delivering the hottest looks in the ATL. As he is working on solidifying his name in the beauty world, we were able to catch up for an interview. Check out the conversation below!

RESPECT.: Hey Fran, please tell us a little about yourself!

I started off as an assistant before I went off to hair school. I started getting so much clientele and my career started taking off. I was in Delaware first then I moved down to ATL. When I was in Delaware, I met Cardi’s PR Patientce. I was working in her salon. She told me she could see me doing big things but I have to step out of my comfort zone so she gave me the opportunity to actually to Cardi’s hair.

RESPECT.: Tell us about the first time doing Cardi’s hair.

First time I went to do her hair I was really nervous. I didn’t know she didn’t like wigs and she told me it wasn’t for her and I told her that’s what I was instructed to do. I ended up taking the wig apart and I ended up just giving her a cap and she just loved it. After that she made me her personal hairstylist. I started getting more and more popular so now I’m in Atlanta trying to figure everything out.

RESPECT.: What is it like being her stylist?

She’s really amazing and a humble person. She is someone anyone will feel lucky to work with.

 RESPECT.: What is your favorite look you’ve done on Cardi?

My favorite look was the motorsport video and the BET Awards.

RESPECT.: How has being in the ATL shaped your style in hair?

Up north they are more simple but in ATL people want to step outside the box and do more colors.

RESPECT.: We noticed you have you own line of hair extensions. What makes your extensions different then everyone else’s?

Yes, to open my own line up was my goal since I was 18. It is exciting now because I have two businesses, hairstyling and my extensions. I am a stylist so I know quality. I believe in my product and I won’t steer people wrong. Just look at Cardi!

Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan

RESPECT.: What else do you offer on your site?

I just dropped my lace glue product and I’m going to have a couple more products dropping around mid-April like tweezers and hair sprays. As the year goes on I am going to keep going bigger and bigger. I am also going on a 10-city tour called “The Frontal Takeover Tour.” People can purchase tickets on my site.

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