RESPECT. Interview: Chozen Talks New Single “Bring It Back” and More

Photo Credit: Justin Boswell

As we are seeking new and refreshing talent over here at RESPECT., we discovered singer, songwriter, and dancer Chozen. Chozen, who recently released his new single “Bring It Back,” is surely garnering the attention of many music fans with his drive, uniqueness,  and resonating voice. Get to know the rising hip-hop star as we share our conversation with him below.

RESPECT.: Hey Chozen how are you doing? Where are you located right now?

I’m tired of course but I am still working. I am in Atlanta right now but I am living in LA. Living in LA, it is a completely different world. LA has its cultural differences and so does Atlanta. As far as getting adjusted to LA, it was a pretty smooth transition.

RESPECT.: For those that dont know much about you, tell us a little about yourself.

I am 30 years old and I’ve been doing music since I was a kid. I would sing to my sister’s friends when they would come over the house and I would try to pick them up with my voice. Things really started coming into fruition in the last five years.

RESPECT.: Do you come from a musical family?

My dad sings. He wasn’t professional but he would do talent shows and stuff like that. My oldest brother he does music and my youngest brother he raps too. The most serious about it would be me.

RESPECT.: Growing up, what kind of music were you into?

R&B! I would listen to a lot of Usher back in the day Dru Hill, and 112. As far as performers, Chris brown is overall the best performer because he sings and really performs. To be a successful artist you have to be an overall great performer. You need to be engaging with the crowd.

RESPECT.: Since you moved to Los Angeles, what are some special moments that’ve occurred?

I co-headlined a tour with 2 Chainz. We did a 4 city tour together.

RESPECT.: You recently dropped your single “Bring It back,” how excited are you that the single is finally out?

I’m very excited! Between all platforms I am already at half a million streams in the five or maybe six weeks it has been out. The feedback I have been getting is crazy. That’s exactly why I am in Atlanta right now. I am shooting the video for it. I should be dropping it very soon.

RESPECT.: When fans listen to your music, what do you hope they gain from it?

I like making party music so I just want people to really enjoy my music and have fun while listening to it.

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