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You may have seen the book popping up on your news feed on Instagram. You may have seen him on the explore page talking to the youth. But this rising entreprenur by the name of Jeremiah Brown is slowly taking the world by storm thanks to his powerful insight on the financial world and his intellectual philantrophy he is distributing out to the youth. His book, “Financial Freedom: My Only Hope” has been killing the game. He is currently in the top 5 in sells over at Obviously taking the popular Jay-Z bar off of “The Story of OJ” on the Grammy nominated 4:44 album, Mr. Brown has push the envelope in concisely breaking down the power of financial literacy for hardworking citizens who wants to fully reap the benefits of their efforts rather than feeling that they are struggling to live just to get by. Jay, as his close family members and friends would call him, gives out game to the readers to help position themselves to compete with the corporate powerhouse and be successful at it.

Currently, Jeremiah has been traveling to offices and schools inspiring future money makers on their pursuit of wealth and happiness. The young generation have been raving about this young leader as they truly believe that Brown is a “refreshing breath” for the culture to the youth who needs positive role models to look up towards besides your typical NBA, NFL superstars. Recently, RESPECT was able to catch up with the Brooklyn native as he discuss the success of his book along with future plans he has on deck.

Image provided by Jeremiah Brown


RESPECT: Your book made it to the top 5 in Amazon bestsellers and other platforms. How does it feel to achieve such a huge feat realizing that this is your first book ever written?

JB: It’s funny you say this. Never in a million years did I imagined that I would be an author, but I always believed in my ability to add value to the world. It’s rewarding to know that I have a tribe of people who support my message and vision to financially educate the world. Although achieving accolades and getting notable visibility excites me, it brings me true joy knowing that I am really changing lives, and helping to empower and enlighten people who normally are kept from achieving economic mobility. Not bad for a first time author.

RESPECT: You’ve been receiving major feedback from the book. What were some of the responses you received from them?

JB:Man, I can’t really disclose who said it, but the response was “Impact”. Another response was from a phenomenal individual who emailed me the other day thanking me for the information provided in the book. She is a middle aged widow who, after a recent passing of her husband, lost her job and had to support 3 kids on her own. She mentioned that one of her friends was in default and willing to sell the property quick. She pointed to my book as the knowledge she needed to even spot that opportunity. She gave him 20K for the property, and now she says that she currently has 90K in equity. It’s so great to know that the responses are not just verbal; people are responding with action!

RESPECT: You’ve been talking to the youth regarding towards economic advancement and freedom. Can you give the fans some of the advice you spitting to them?

JB: Yes! I’ve partnered with several programs offering financial education to the next generation of wealth creators (our youth). In providing advice, I point to the ‘players of the game’, from my book, being ‘who owes who’. This means the more you owe, the less freedom and choices you have. The more you own, the more freedom, choices, and access you have. It’s a simple concept that is often loss in translation and covered in complex financial jargon. Understanding this simple concept could increase financial awareness within our youth, encouraging them to think like producers rather than consumers.

RESPECT: What is the overall message you want to convey to your readers from this book?

JB: I want people to understand that there is a more intrinsic factor plaguing people from achieving financial success. There is too much of the same financial juice being poured by mainstream media and financial ‘experts’. The reality is, when it comes to advice about improving our finances, we are actually drowning in a sea of information. However, all of the information seems to be backed by rhetoric. It makes me wonder if their advice is any good. If their advice to save money, pay down debt, buy, hold, and pray, or even to avoid debt is good advice, the advice that the masses adhere to, then why is 99 percent of the population forced to share 40 percent of the nation’s income while the 1 percent has 60 percent of it? This book intends to shift the mindset and prove how leveraging our current monetary system could in fact help you achieve financial freedom.

RESPECT: Should be fans expecting a part 2?

JB: Great question! Although my book was able to reach so many people, I think there is a ton of people out there who haven’t gotten the opportunity to read it. For now, I will continue to raise awareness about my book and push to create a curriculum from the book, getting it institutionalized. Similar to Jay-Z’s 4:44 album, it takes a ton of inspiration, equanimity, and focus to complete an entire book. There are chapters (like tracks on an album) that are stories of their own. There is also an organization process that takes place such as administration work (setting up distribution channels, legal, and marketing initiatives), structuring the tone of the book (setting up the message you intend to convey to the reader), and editing. Being said, I’m inspired, so stay tuned…….

If you haven’t purchase the book yet, you missing out on work that will completely change your life. Feel free to purchase it by clicking here.

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