RESPECT. Interview: KonFiiDent Discusses His Come Up Story

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KonFiiDent is a Canada-bred artist who has surely been making a lot of noise in hip-hop these past few months. Now that he has single “Exotics” out and his debut project The Come Up Story, he is on his way to the top of the music scene confidentially. As he continues to make a name for himself and ride the momentum of his latest release, I was able to catch up with him recently to get to know the man behind the music. Check out the interview below as well as his latest project The Come Up Story.

RESPECT.: For those that haven’t heard of KonFiiDent, who is he?

Well first off, I am Nigerian and I grew up in Canada.  I moved from Toronto in 2017 and now I am based in Atlanta, Georgia chasing this music. I had to make a decision to move to Atlanta or LA but I always felt like I had an Atlanta sound to my voice. I would stay in LA for a month and then go to Atlanta the next month to see what felt best. When I came to Atlanta everything just clicked perfectly.

RESPECT.: How did hip-hop fans respond to your music in Atlanta versus back at home in Toronto?

I really have a support system in Toronto but it seems like the people there really don’t mess with you until they see you are popping somewhere else. It wasn’t until I came to Atlanta and really started making moves in the city. Now, the entire city of Toronto is behind my back.

RESPECT.: How long have you been recording music?

I really started taking it seriously when I was 19. I would try to dabble in other things but I knew music was all I wanted to do. I started to take it seriously and really wanted to see where it will take me.

RESPECT.: Why the name KonFiiDent?

I am confident in myself and I want others to be confident in themselves. I always want to send a positive message with my career. I have a brand called KTDA and it stands for keep the dream alive. My team and I really want to spread positivity.

RESPECT.: When did you start garnering  attention from music fans?

The feature I just did with QC’s Lil Baby really garnered a lot of attention. I feel like people really started to see my vision. I also had a feature with Tory Lanez on another track.

RESPECT.: The main single you have out right now is the “Exotics” remix. How did the feature with QC’s Lil Baby come about?

How the remix came about is he heard it and he was really rocking with it and then just jumped on the song.

RESPECT.: You recently dropped your debut project The Come Up Story what does the project mean to you?

Basically, the project sums up everything I was going through prior to the release. Leaving Toronto, coming from Africa, to now being in Atlanta chasing the music dream.

RESPECT.: For those that haven’t heard your music what can they expect before listening?

Something different. My sound is something not everyone heard before. My music is a different vibe. I have a song for everybody.

RESPECT.: Exotics is out, your debut project is out, what is next for KonFiiDent?

A lot is on the way for KonFiiDent. A lot of music videos are on the way and the team and I are about to go on tour for the summer. I am going to keep growing by the minute and continue to put out great music.

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