RESPECT. Interview: Kamaiyah Talks Sprite Commercial With LeBron James, Music Inspirations

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Kamaiyah is known for her G-funk sound, coming from out of Oakland, CA. As a female rapper, she is definitely making a name for herself as one of the top in the game. She’s also known for teaming up with YG on “Why You Always Hating?” (also featuring Drizzy Drake). Her latest work is Before I Wake; now, she’s gearing up to release her official debut album Don’t Ever Get It Twisted for her fans.

To kick off the new year, she was chosen to take part in a Sprite commercial with LeBron James. This is her second commercial with the corporation. In it, she plays a catcher named Ice-Ya meanwhile LeBron is The Big Taste, a superstar pitcher. He sports a mean mustache while Ice-Ya sports her flashy grill. We got a chance to catch up with Kamaiyah and talk about her latest ad with Sprite and King James, her music inspirations growing up and much more.

Get into the interview below.

RESPECT.: So sprite has released their first commercial and you are playing the pitcher next to Big Taste aka LeBron James and you’re his pitcher named Ice-Ya. How dope was it to have been apart of this campaign?

Kamaiyah: It was pretty cool. This is like my first commercial the “Big Taste Cuts Through” I grew up drinking sprite when I was a kid. I used to go to the store and get some Fritos, a snicker and get a sprite remix. That was a back in the day, so I’m honored to just be apart of this campaign being selected to do this so It was a humbling experience.

Image Credit: Sprite

How did you react when they reached out to you to do the ‘Big Taste Cuts Through’ Commercial with LeBron?

It was a no-brainier, like f*** yeah I wanna do it (Laughs). No ones going to deny that opportunity like c’mon of course I want to do it. Hell yeah. Can I do it tomorrow? (Laughs).

Were you happy with the commercial?

Yeah, I’m very ecstatic on how the commercial came out. I think it came out pretty great. I thought it was pretty epic. Its also super dope that Sprite colors are like the Oakland Athletics colors and I’m from Oakland so that was a double whammy. Like this is epic. Just period.

I see at the end you show-off your grill, was that planned or you just wanted to show your personality?

That’s the little Oakland in me you know (Laughs), you cant put me in there to not be me. I had to leave it in.

Image Credit: Sprite

You have a unique style coming from Oakland, who were some of your style inspirations growing up in the West Coast?

I don’t really have any style inspirations, I kinda just throw on something and put anything together. I don’t know how to explain it.

Did you have any music inspirations?

Growing up all we really hear is Too Short, E-40, Keak Da Sneak so that’s like what we grew up listening to. You know with mainstream media you get your other people on the radio but for the most part riding around we always play our people its weird. Its like a whole other world up there.

Do you have a favorite NBA Team or player?

Growing up my favorite team was the LA Lakers because I played NBA Jams and favorite player was Derek Fisher because on NBA Jams he would always be the first player to get on fire. But that was my favorite player going up he used to be raw. Then Kobe came to the Lakers later on because he was drafted from another team, then it was just like a thing.  The Lakers was it that was my team.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

Don’t Ever Get It Twisted.

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