RESPECT. Interview: J-Bo (EarDrummers producer)

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J-Bo is a producer who is a part of the group Eardrummers. I know you’ve heard “Perplexing Pegasus” everywhere! Well you are looking at who produced the hit single. We caught up with him to talk about how EarDrummers and his producer skills have started, his favorite songs that he has produced, and many more.

RESPECT.: How did EarDrummers start the movement (and when did you join)?

I was actually introduced to Marz. He brought me in and P Nazty co-signed me and the rest was history. Once things started taking off, it was almost like everything that dropped popped. When I joined the movement, there were already a few other members, A Plus, P Nazty, Marz, and Skooly. We were a production team, but were essentially just a group of young producers trying to get it. It is a collective of producers created by Mike Will Made It.

RESPECT.: Who came up with the name of EarDrummers?

To my knowledge Mike Will Made It came up and created EarDrummers. Pluss came up with the tag. He’s definitely a pioneer figure in the movement.

What brought that name up?

I don’t know for sure, but I felt like it was dope the first time I heard it.

RESPECT.: What song is your favorite out of all the songs you have produced and why? Is it a memorable experience making it?

I love each song and I produced in its own way, but I would have to say my most meaningful production was “Bandz A Make Her Dance” by Juicy J. That was the first big record that I did, and it grew organically which lead things to where I wouldn’t imagine to be in. I’ll never forget the experience making it; I could tell the beat was special from the start. I was in college working at a summer job when Mike called me and told me to check my email and Lil Wayne had jumped on it. I had to debate whether or not I should just drive off. Lol You couldn’t tell me shit the rest of the day at work. “Pour It Up,” which is my biggest record,  opened a lot of doors and helped me get motivated.

RESPECT.: How did you get into producing? Who inspired you or who is your favorite producer?

I always loved music. As a child I dreamed of becoming a basketball player and if that didn’t work, I wanted to be a rapper. I was an only child, but my close friend and basically brother, LT, and I used to record and play around with FL Studio in middle school. When I hit high school, I decided to quit playing video games and make beats instead. By creating dope beats was like a video game to me in a sense; and I figured I could make money off of it. When I was a big fan of Shawty Redd, at the time, I wasn’t hip to the fact that he had some people producing with him. So big shout outs to them as well. I listened to pretty much anything that was lit back then.

RESPECT.: Who would you like to work with as one of your goals? Why?

I really have a long list for that, but truly, I just want to make great music. I’ve been blessed to get in work with a few legendary artists that were definitely considered as my childhood goals that includes: Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Juicy J, and Chris Brown. It would be great to get some records with Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars and The Weeknd, but I could go on for days. It’s some legendary and upcoming talent, who I would love to work with too. It’s all about the energy and some artists have that energy that just can’t be faked. I like working with genuine people.

RESPECT.: If you had aspiring producers in a room, what are some words of encouragement to get them to the top?

I would tell them the key is to be consistent and persistent. Sometimes stuff pops right from the jump and sometimes it can take a decade. A lot of this stuff is like a waiting game but it’s definitely worth the wait and worth the grind. You really got to press the line dealing with a lot of people in the entertainment business. I’ve realized the truth behind this statement, “Out of sight, out of mind.” And as far as the actual art, I am honestly never satisfied. I work work work, and in the moment, I’ll be happy with the results but at the end I will always strive for better.

RESPECT.: What is your definition of RESPECT.?

I guess my definition of RESPECT. is giving someone a certain consideration based off either past experiences with that person or some sort of accolades and what they have in common. RESPECT is definitely something you have to earn continuously.

RESPECT.: Top 5 songs that are out right now that features EarDrummers production?

All the music is lit! I love different things about the tracks so I really can’t choose which one. Kendrick Lamar’s hit-single, “Humble,” just won the squads first Grammy! So you can tell which one, but the list is too long to narrow down to do top five for me. We got Mike, Pluss, 30 roc, Marz, Skooly, Dj FU, Resource and Ducko, who are out here going crazy and the list goes on. We all have some bangers from the past, some out now, and some in the vault coming soon.

RESPECT.: Any new music coming our way off of ‘Sremm Life 3?’ *inserts eye emoji* lol We heard a snippet at A3C.

I’m honestly not sure about the playlist. You’ll have to wait and see, but I definitely got a lot of work in with them. I’ve heard their album and it will be dope. I’m honored to be a part of it. I got their current single, “Perplexing Pegasus” which will be on the album, and a few others. I’m excited myself to hear the finished product. I made some bangers with them, but they got a lot in the vault. We should be finding out soon though.

Peep the visual of the hit single “Perplexing Pegasus” below.

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