RESPECT. Interview: DreamTeam Que Prepares For Rap Stardom, Outta Nowhere; talks NBA All-Star Expectations

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The state of Arkansas earned the term “The Natural State,” as they’re better known for their diamonds and raw talent produced out of the area. Historical achievements range from the Central High School ‘Little Rock Nine’, basketball talent such as future NBA Hall of Famers Corliss Williamson, Joe Johnson and three time NBA champion Derek Fisher. DreamTeam Que is looking to make changes and answer and questions about the current state of Arkansas entertainment and how he plans to impact to music scene. Five months into his new pastime, he keeps his ambitions high with the released of highly-anticipated debut mixtape, Outta Nowhere, which has been creating a open lane in which he chooses to stay humble about his new pastime and keeping an open mind about paying his dues.

RESPECT.: What’s good tell me about yourself? Where you from?

DreamTeam Que: I’m DreamTeam Que, the label is DreamTeam Global. I’m from Jacksonville, Ark. I’m repping the whole Arkansas though, the whole state, you feel me.

RESPECT.: I just started making music really like five months ago. I’ve been playing basketball, you know before time. I played in the NBA D-League. I’ve tried out for the Memphis Grizzlies, and played overseas. I started rapping like five months ago after summer league Dunbar.

RESPECT.:  What made you want to start pursuing it?

DreamTeam Que: Man, I used to be in Greenwood studio with my homeboy DreamTeam JG and s**t he was always in the studio and I’d be just chillin. We’d be in there posted and I would be listening him making them bangers and I was like Damn.

RESPECT.: Yeah, so you had to get involved.

DreamTeam Que:  Yeah, let me see how I sound. I got on the beat and then I made “Spike Lee”.

RESPECT.: So tell me a little about “Spike Lee”. What made you come up with that? Is that your first single?

DreamTeam Que: Yeah, Spike Lee is the first single. It’s the first song. What made me come up with Spike Lee, I played basketball but thinking of Spike Lee, he be making movies too. I felt like I always been movies be thinking in my own little world and zone, you know but we felt like we was making movies, this shit was like a movie because we come from nothing forreal. Shit is like a movie.

RESPECT.: Being from Jacksonville Ark., what is it about the Arkansas music? Is there any good music, is it cultural?

DreamTeam Que: Yeah, it’s plenty of talented artists out here in Arkansas. People just be sleeping. I feel that the opportunity levels are not higher than other places but I feel like it’s enough people here to support. I feel like people just don’t be supporting. I feel like they think are too good or something. I don’t know what it is but I feel people will support if it’s hard and real. You can get some real support out here.

RESPECT.: They ain’t just hopping on to just anything . They ain’t just vouching for anything.

DreamTeam Que: They ain’t just vouching for anything. I’ll tell you that

RESPECT.: Who are some of the people that you listen to that inspire your music?

DreamTeam Que: Gucci Mane is my favorite artist like ever, Young Dolph, Starlito, Webbie, Boosie and I listen to a lot of R &B too.

RESPECT.: You just dropped your debut mixtape last month, Outta Nowhere. How did we get there?

DreamTeam Que: Yeah Outta Nowhere it’s out now. Make sure ya’ll get that on MyMixtapez and Spinarilla. Outta Nowhere, basically like man this shit came out of nowhere *laughs*. Like, I just started this shit and it’s already doing good, doing numbers. It’s off to a fresh start.  It’s been getting plenty of support. I appreciate everybody for the support but Outta Nowhere, this shit came outta nowhere. I didn’t even imagine this shit making music.

RESPECT.: What goals do you have going into for this year and what do you want to do now since the release of the project?

DreamTeam Que: Now that the tape is out. I just wanna keep making of tons of music, keep working, make plenty of Visuals so people can see vlogs and all types of shit like that. My goals this year is wanna do it big, like mainstream big. I want to put Arkansas on the map like major. That always been sleeping on us. That’s my main goal. What I’ma do when we get paid, i’m going to give back to the community, really. That’s what I’ve always wanted to do. I want to give back to Boys and Girls club and give to the less fortunate. You know coming from the struggle, you know how that shit is. There ain’t even many millionaires coming out of Jacksonville and shit like that around here anyways. That’s the shit i’m going to be on when I get paid.

RESPECT.: You just gotta be patient and stay ready. Good things comes to those who wait mane. You just gotta wait your time. With Outta Nowhere , what were your expectations for the tape? Is this something that you were seeing is it for you for the long run?

DreamTeam Que: I feel like after making Outta Where. After making the four tracks I put out and they got good reviews. I feel like I can make so much music. I can just put this out here. You feel me, just to let people know don’t sleep on me. Even though I just started, you feel me. You going to be able to tell when you hear this one and as long as i’m working and just know i’m always working. There’s also going to be an Outta Nowhere 2.

RESPECT.: All-Star Weekend kicks tomorrow off in Los Angeles. You going to be tuned in?? What you think about the new changes to the all-star game?

DreamTeam Que: I think it’s going to be straight. I feel like they should compete, you know what i’m saying it, compete a little bit, got damn me. M*********as be dunking and all that. You got to get some excitement but at least third or fourth quarter turn it up a little bit.

RESPECT.: Yeah, forget them 150+point games mane.

DreamTeam Que: Yeah, they be going crazy, I fuck with it but you know, ugh.

RESPECT.: Mane, I feel like respect is something you got to earn out here. Respect is something that you just can’t give to anybody. You can’t just feel like you got respect out here if you haven’t given it. You gotta give respect to get respect. You got to earn some respect. I feel like respect is major to me, you feel me. If I feel like you just disrespectful. You going to rub me some time of way. I feel like I respect everybody and what they going. Even if it is what is. Respect is something big you feel me but some people just don’t even understanding that. I’m major on respect and showing respect.

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