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When Jordan Albee – AKA Profit TPM – thinks about his journey to become one of Knoxville’s premiere hip-hop artists, he can’t help but remember one of his early mentors. His name was Brad and he owned a candy shop in the neighborhood where Profit grew up. He and was privy to the young boy’s skills as an artist, and he was always a source of inspiration and motivation for Albee as the young man discovered talents that would one day become the stuff that would set his career on fire.

“I’ve done a lot of theater and acting,” Profit said. “And a lot of times I’ve written other people’s lyrics. I realized that I actually like doing that. It’s an art form that I can put myself into. And when I talked to Brad about it, he supported me 110 percent of the way. He said I should push it and work for it. He’s the one who said, ‘You should be The Profit.’ He said it should have a double meaning – both for myself and my career and for the people who hear my music. And I haven’t looked back since.”

Today, Profit TPM (the TPM stands for Tenth Power Music, a hip-hop group from Knoxville of which he is a member) sees a wave of success that many up-and-coming young artists only dream about. Most recently, his single “Check” has created some major buzz along the East Coast and is bringing in new fans daily. The new single represents a conversation that he said he is having with himself.

“The song is like a ‘Yes, I got what I need, but I still want and desires,’” he said. “It shows the hunger I have within myself in my career. There’s a difference between wants and needs.”

Profit said people can easily relate to the song, as well as clearly get a vision of who he is both as a person and as an artist. His overall goal is to make something that appeals to the general masses. In his own words, Profit TPM is “making a product based on what the people want.”

He hopes to ride the wave of success behind “Check” into his new project, a mixtape he’s calling “Capricorn Season” that he hopes to drop by the end of January. Named as a nod to his January birthday and the place in life in which he currently finds himself, “Capricorn Season” will be a project that he said will hopefully inspire others to embrace their individuality.

“When people hear my music, I want them to understand that they should just be themselves,” Profit said. “Be who you are. People are always going to throw shade at you and hate, so just be the best you that you possibly can. Just be you. You can try to be this or that, but at the end of the day that won’t, get you anywhere. Become one with yourself and love who you are. That’s when you’re going to find joy and success. Don’t be a hollow shell and live a lie. Do you before anybody else and feel good while doing it.”

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