With Porzingis Done, The Knicks Can Toss This Season In The Trash

The basketball gods have a very clear message to the #knickstape. A message that has been repeated on their apocryphal hoops voicemail and hard drives ever time a winning season is knock on its door. A message that it seems that it will be played over and over again for which fans just don’t get. And that message is this:

Just when you thought life after Carmelo Anthony and Phil Jackson has the potential to be greater, suddenly the brightness turns into dim, gloomy sky falls as it overshadows joy with pain and doubt. If fans couldn’t see this now, last night was just the icing on the cake to maybe the most entertaining yet cursed franchise in American sports today. Newly voted NBA All Star starter Kristaps Porzingis suffered an season ending torn ACL injury after he posterizied potential NBA MVP candidate Giannis Antetokounmpo. Within a span of one play, one moment, joyous, bright smiles turned into a collective calamity of disappointing faces as if they witnessed the death of a great thing ending early. As the Knicks went on to lose last night, it’s safe to say that their latest catastrophic lost is bound to evolve to an tiring pattern in which fans and critics are often gotten used to dealing with. Another major blow added onto an inconsolable history of great starts ending in another dismal 2nd half of the season.

Rumors of trade talks is finally coming into fruition as they got rid of their former NBA 1st Team All -Rookie Member in Center Willy Hermangomez for two 2nd round picks in the 2020 NBA Draft and a player that roughly 90% of the league’s fan base have never heard of (Johnny O’Bryant). The state of inclusiveness with Joakim Noah  is at an all time high of confusion as it seems that he is not wanted as a Knick anymore. The Knicks are having difficulties shopping for a squad as it seems that no one wants to pick up the remainder of his 4 year, $72 Million dollar deal he signed a couple years ago. It is safe to say in the words of every hood, wannabe NBA 2k playing GM would like to say….”put him in ice for the rest of his tenure there”. As of lately, Enes Kanter has been showing signs of grogginess as he has been dealing with back issues throughout the season. Fans are really knocking on wood to hope Kanter will not be the next Knick down as he leads the league in rebounds per game. But wait, there is a bright side. He goes by the name of Kyle O’Quinn, a former Norfolk State University great who has became an attractive eye for major title contending squads such as the Golden State Warriors. Kyle’s hustle and toughness has slowly made him an fan favorite in his hometown of the Big Apple. The Queens native brings it night in and night out, in which some cases are just now enough.

With Jon Baker out for the season and Tim Hardaway Jr. trying to find the flow of things dealing with his injury woes, the Knicks can just try it again next year and figure out the next possible moves needed to get over this curse. With a start they had early into the season, fans have seen them as a potential 7th seed giving Boston or Cleveland (before the recent epic late game debacles) hell during the playoff time. But now, with Porzingis done for the season, it’s safe to say that they can chop this season up as a L and try again. You almost had Knicks. You gotta be quicker, stronger, durable and hungrier than that. Steve Mills, it’s time to work some magic.

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