#GameWinner: Commissioner Adam Silver’s New Concept To The All Star Game Experience Was A Slam Dunk

#TeamLeBron defeats #TeamStephen 148-145 on @kingjames’ 29/10/8! #NBAAllStar

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Besides Fergie bombing the hell out of the national anthem (check out everyone’s hilarious facial reaction), the new and improved NBA All Star Game gets a grade A in my book and in everyone else’s book. Granted, the mid season classic has been around since the 50s but last night’s game marked a beginning to a new age of greats competing at the highest level other than playoff time. By mixing the culture of pick up hoops with adding an opportunity to get a quick extra bonus before returning back to work, Commissioner Adam Silver‘s decision to let players pick their own squad may have became an important aspect of North American sports. Don’t be surprised that we see NHL, MLB, and the NFL eliminate the typical inter conference match up. After all, it’s time we get to see fantasy linkups come into fruition.

@kevindurant x @kyrieirving! #NBAAllStar

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Kyrie to LeBron. KD to Westbrook. Bron and Durant traps Steph Curry to help solidify an 3 point win. If you didn’t see the All Star Game, you would’ve thought I am depicting an narrative of an NBA2K fantasy game. But in actuality, these are some of the key plays that had people in awe and scratching their head as they would be thinking…..”What If?”. “What if Kyrie never left Cleveland?” “What if KD never left OKC?”. “What if Curry never had Durant?”. The answers were left on the court as fantasy “never would we ever get the chance to witness” match ups occurred on one of the biggest stage of them all. As Team LeBron defeats Team Curry 148-145, the experience of witnessing your favorite pros go hard against one another proves that pride and integrity of the game is still alive when a bonus is on the line. $100,000. Bragging Rights. Momentum created for you to help position your squad for a playoff run. It doesn’t get no better than this. Shoutouts to Adam Silver to remind fans worldwide why the game of basketball is still an amazing sport to play. Heroes without capes such as LeBron James showcasing his winning ways on and off the court are just one of the many reasons why everyone still loves this game. Charlotte, it’s your turn. Don’t drop the ball and turn it over.

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