RESPECT. Interview: Toronto’s Cosmo Chats About New Single “Tonight” and More

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Cosmo is a vocalist, rapper, and songwriter from Toronto, Canada who made his 2018 debut with his first single “Tonight.” The Toronto-based artist has concocted many hip-hop hits with contagious hooks and playful lyrics, which will stay etched in the listener’s mind long after the tracks have finished spinning.

Listeners will definitely be pulled in by Cosmo’s hard-hitting, tenacious lyrics — proving that 1.) he is on his way with his incredible writing skills and talent and 2.) if, given the chance, he can be the next hit music sensation.

Recently, I connected with the rising star, who spoke on his inspirations, new single “Tonight,” Toronto and more.

RESPECT.: Where do you draw your inspiration from as an artist?

Pure intuition really. Experiences and apparitions. Woman/relationships in my life, personal reflection, self-medicating and the fact I’ve been through certain situations (on my own) and only get better. That really keeps me on an infinite edge. At this point, I feel totally connected and ready for whatever’s set for me. The story ‘behind the scenes’ in my life thus far has been so absolutely crazy and remarkable, and [it’s] only getting crazier.

RESPECT.: Can you describe how you came up with the concept for “Tonight”?

There’s actually a pretty wild backstory to it. There’s a lot of pieces to the puzzle which ultimately leads to the direction of the song which was really just “full of life” but still with a pretty dark background to it. (A lot of which I can’t talk about!)

I want you to live in the moment and feel this “Night” as part of a bigger story. I’m not really into making music that’s like “a hit” with no purpose. It’s got to have everything that I love.. and more importantly, it’s got to be authentic and translate.

Essentially it just came down to Who is this person? What’s his deal? And why is he doing what he’s doing? Is what I’m hearing going to want to make me join/continue along with him?

Can you share what inspired your selection for cover art?

I was looking for something completely different from what I had been used to, that spoke to me on a level of intrigue I’d want my listeners to get from me when hearing a song. I felt like I found some of that in Amber Parks artworks. So, once I felt that and also realized LahGhost (XXISTFOREVER) could put me in touch with her. It just happened

RESPECT.: Can you give us the background story of your artist name and why you decided to pick it?

It’s my real name. Like Madonna, Prince or Drake… period.

RESPECT.: Being from Toronto, who were some of your favorite artists growing up?

Pharrell, Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Justin Timberlake as well would be some favorites. All of which are favorites for different reasons of course. Those were “some” really key artists. For me at least. They made me feel like you could take your own unique qualities and amplify to your own merit.

It’s difficult for me to focus just on one genre though.

Saukrates and Young Tony from “Deep Pockets,” who I’m pretty sure goes by OVO Hush now. I always felt Lil Wayne was really important to music as well. Before Drake, who is definitely another one.. he changed things a lot. I think the community as a collective would agree that Jay z was a huge influence, of course.

All these artists and more introduced me to different worlds and faces of music & made me think about something more than just a “great song.”

RESPECT.: Who are some artists you would like to work in the future?

Pharrell, André 3000, Rihanna, Jhené Aiko, Kanye West just to name a few.

RESPECT.: How did you come up with the concept for your video “Tonight”?

I want people to feel every part of my story. The dark, immensely spirited areas as well as the naturally engaging moments, showing the way I see it and feel it. I feel like the visuals LahGhost and I agreed on to do a perfect job of bringing you into what I’m going through and feeling.

As well as what’s to come…

RESPECT.: What are some other events that we can expect you to participate this year?

Just a lot more work with Ashton (AMAG/Cash Money Records) really. You can expect me to vanish back in the studio & emerge with a full-bodied debut hopefully later in the year and the only thing I have planned right now is more music.

Where do you see you career in the next five years?

Touring on a large scale. Seeing a lot more of the world and making music in different parts of the world. Sharing my thoughts and desires with everyone. Changing & influencing millions of lives and just doing what I love.

How did you and your publicist Ryan Butler meet?

It’s pretty strange, we’ve never met face to face yet even though I feel like that’s another brother of mine. That’s probably because of LahGhost a Producer/ Designer who I’ve been working with for some time now. LahGhost & I have built up a pretty strong rapport and I guess when we were finally put in touch Ryan Butler he liked what he heard. I’m really looking forward to when we do meet though.

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