Multifaceted Creative SHATiFF Gears Up For the Release of ‘Supreme Perspective’

The multi-faceted creative Steven “SHATiFF” Jenkins is killing the game — not only as a skilled lyricist but also as a record producer, filmmaker and entrepreneur.

Born in Washington, D.C, SHATiFF has always been known and recognized for his ability to take complex concepts and express them creatively through his art, while also paying homepage to the OGs that came before him.

Since 2004, SHATiFF has been making major waves by consistently engaging in East Coast Hip-Hop culture. After taking a hiatus from the underground Rap crew Universal Souljahz, SHATiFF began taking flight with his own blend of music, events, fashion, culinary arts and films under the SECC Music/AuthentiCore brand.

Now, the D.C. visionary is returning with Supreme Perspective, a new imprint of creative products…this also happens to be the title of his new 5-track EP.

The purpose of his latest single, “Dey Know” (featuring Joey Swagga) is to reinforce that SHATiFF is the hottest and most respected emcee in the D.C. area. His choosing to collaborate with Swagga (and producer BOOG Wonda) is a means of maintaining community camaraderie, with the younger generation in particular.

Check out “Dey Know” below, which is also available via all streaming platforms. You can also keep an eye out for SHATiFF’s ArtCapSOUL Project featuring Connecting Cool, said to be coming this February.

Check out more via his Instagram.

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