RESPECT. Interview: NBA Trainer Chris Brickley Talks Hoops, #HoodieMelo and RAISED

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NBA Trainer, Chris Brickley has made himself one of the biggest high demand trainers in the hoop game as he has worked out with some of the best NBA players in the game such as Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony and many more. NYC based brand, RAISED has released their second collection and Chris is one of the head campaigners.

We got to speak with Chris to talk hoops, RAISED, his favorite NBA player and much more. Check out the interview below.

RESPECT.: Tell Everyone Who You Are.

Chris Brickley: My Name is Chris Brickley and I do Black Ops basketball which I work with a bunch of NBA players, Carmelo Anthony to D’Angelo Russell, Tim Hardaway. This past summer Russell Westbrook, James Harden, LeBron and KD all came in the gym and worked out. So yeah, I’m a NBA Trainer it’s what I do. As far as RAISED, its a dope brand and it represents everything that has put basketball together different neighborhoods, different individuals and everyone’s story mixed together to explain how basketball raised them. I thought it was perfect for me because I feel like basketball has raised me. I think its a dope brand and it represents New York City + basketball culture, something that I can relate to and anyone that lives in New York City and likes basketball should relate to because everyone has their own story of what basketball means to them.

RESPECT.: How did you feel when they reached out to you to Campaign for the brand?

Yeah I was excited this past summer I made alot of buzz in the city with what I was doing with the open runs and I happen to have NBA All-Stars and big names in the gym. I felt like I played a part in New York City basketball and I started the #HoodieMelo thing which was like a epidemic that was huge in the summer. It kind of made sense that I had a hand in New York City basketball.

RESPECT.: You said you started the #HoodieMelo thing, how did that come about?

He would wear the hoodie after one of the workouts and on his instagram we put #HoodieSeason and we put it there and next thing you know every little kid in the United States was wearing a hood while playing basketball and that started like a real big movement and now NBA teams warm-ups have hoodies on them and that kind of changed the game, so its really cool.

#HoodieSzn…link in bio

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RESPECT.: Who was the hardest athlete that you’ve trained so far?

They all have hard stuff about them that you have to figure out each player is motivated by something different but as a trainer you figure out what motivates these players and once you figure that out they can trust you. Once they trust you that’s huge and you can work with them and they listen to you. So each one has their own obstacle that you have to figure out.


RESPECT.: Do you have a favorite NBA player?

Nah, I just kind of work with all of them. They all are my friends and stuff. (Laughs)


RESPECT.: What’s your favorite piece from the RAISED second collection?

I really like the hoodies, I like how on the side they have like the old school with the buttons on the arm side that’s pretty cool. It’s kind of like a retro look, it’s colorful and its not too loud, it’s dope. I like it. I like the colorways.

Image Credit: Foot Locker

Image Credit: Foot Locker

Image Credit: Foot Locker

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