RESPECT. Interview: HG Locks Talks About Touring with Fetty Wap, Recent Records & More

Credit: HG Locks

finessing his way into the music game slowly but surely is the Bronx’s own HG Locks. RESPECT. caught Locks for an interview; seeing as the Bronx has been making such an impact in 2017, it’s only right. Looking at Locks’ progress to get to where he is today has to do with trials and tribulations that put a temporary pause on his life. Prior to his music career, Locks played basketball…assuming he wanted to play at the professional level, he was then stopped short due to an injury. Looking at his injury as a blessing in disguise, Locks is fortunate to be in the position that he is in today.

Through perfect timing and steady planning, his career as an artist has only just begun. Locks formed a strong relationship with Fetty Wap, which lead to joining him on his tour. Locks has a lot more in-store for everyone doubting him: from here on out, nothing is impossible if your mind is in the right place.

Q: Being a Bronx native, growing up who were some of your favorite artist growing up? If so what is your top 5 dead or alive?

A: Growing in the Bronx I was inspired by Dipset, Big L…..I say Big L and  they look at me not expecting me to say that because he was one of the  best lyricist ever and that just coming from New York. 50 Cent def because of his Get rich Or Die Trying album is one of the best albums i’ve heard in my life and besides that i gotta throw Big Pun in there too. My top 5 dead or alive would consist of Big L, Jadakiss…..hmmm this is tough because of the influence ill throw 50 Cent in there and Biggie, Hov of course I’m buggin excuse me.

Q: How long were you playing basketball for before you had to stop due to you’re injury and how far do you think you would have gotten?

A: I was playing ball for at least 10 years you know I had hoop dreams and playing with my all. At the time balancing out the music and basketball I put more focus towards basketball more than anything. At the time I was playing upstate NY then I tore my ACL and it was over. Realistically I would’ve played college basketball and thats just me being a hundred with myself. For instance with music I’m 100 percent in all the way!

Q: When did you find your sound? And how long has it taken you to perfect it to lead it to your career path?

A: To be honest it took me about 3 1/2 years it took a little while i put out like two or three mixtape’s in the past. It’s crazy because  since I’ve developed my sound i haven’t put a project out yet and its all in the planning because I want to stack it up to have my fans begging for it and put it out when I’m good. Making sure that I feel comfortable enough to go into the booth and just kill it.

Q: How was the relationship between Fetty Wap and yourself built ? Was it through a mutual friend or was it through you’re music?

A: That’s genuine love, he’s family. When “Trap Queen” started bubbling I think it was right before he got his deal we ended up linking up in the studio where we made a record. He’d always let us pull up where we actually hosted a party one night and it was a movie and since that night its been love never switching up and always staying the same. It’s a blessing to even open up for him on the tour.. you know he doesn’t have to do that but just the thought of it is enough.

Q: Seeing as you are currently on tour with Fetty Wap. What is it like touring with another artist especially one like Fetty? You ever get nervous about the crowd size or are you used to the spot light ?

A: It’s a different experience each night it’s a different city sold out shows with loyal fans. It’s different coming from the city to go out and see how the all the different fans and see how they interact with us. They may not even know us until we hit the stage but were going out their setting the energy high and giving them dope records. I have to look at it as networking because after this I might have a larger following for giving my all on stage. I don’t really get nervous anymore those days are over at this point I know this is my job and I go out there to try to give the audience the best show I have to offer.

Q: Who’s idea was it to base your music video off of Planet Of The Apes theme for your single “Caesar”?

A: That actually was one of the first records that got me a lot of attention. When I made the record I was mad and till this day I can’t remember what I was mad about but once I heard the record and I immediately knew it was hard. S/O my videographer Rick Vinnie he put the vision together even though I gave him the idea of the Planet Of The Apes theme granted we were lucky that it rained that morning working in our favor for the shoot.

Q: Seeing as you dropped 3 records last year, what’s next on the agenda leading to the end of the tour?

A: I actually dropped a record last week called “Brand New Wave,” which I’m currently pushing while on tour but in the midst of that I have a collaboration album I’m working on alongside two individual albums. This year I’m going to feed the people, last year I was introducing myself but this year were here to show off the work.

Q: Moving forward who would you like to see yourself work with in 2018?

A: I would definitely like to work with Meek Mill. Free Meek Mill; You know I feel as if he’s the voice of the youth and when he speaks he speaks in volume. I’d like to get a record in with Dipset for my own person bucket list.

Q: What does respect mean to you?

A: Respect is one of the important things in life without respect comes with boundaries and lines that you cant cross and it can carry you along way. I’m a man of principles and respect and ill keep my pride, dignity, and respect over the foolery that these other dudes are doing. I feel like people have to put more respect on the word respect instead of just saying it to say it.

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