RESPECT. Interview: Corr Kendricks Talks New Project, Co-starring in ‘The Chi,’ & More

RESPECT. had a chance to connect with Chicago-based recording artist and actor, Corr Kendricks. Known for his roles in ‘Chicago, P.D.,’ ‘EMPIRE,’ and more, Kendricks just released his highly anticipated, 17-track album HARDCORR, and followed the release by announcing he’d be co-starring in Lena Waithe’s ‘The Chi.’

Balancing his passion for music and acting, Kendricks is proving to be a double-edged sword that the industry will soon be familiar with. During the interview, we had the opportunity to ask Corr Kendricks about his HARDCORR album, traveling the country, and working with legends such as Taraji P. Henson. Read Corr Kendrick’s RESPECT. interview below.

How long have you lived in Chicago? We’re sure you travel often for acting opportunities, but what city or cities have been your favorite to visit?

I’ve lived in Chicago for about 4 years now since moving back home from the East Coast.

When I was younger I moved around a lot. It started here and Chicago then I hit Milwaukee then Philly then Jersey then back home to the Chi.

One of your most popular songs is “Demeanor” featuring Fred da Godson. How did you connect with the New York rapper?

Me and Fred linked up threw a mutual friend that connected us. We got the record done and it was a smooth vibe. Just business and good times. Fred a good dude.

How do you feel like you’ve grown since release releasing that single in 2016?

I’ve grown a lot since that single. Just things I deal with on a daily you know life situations will cause that…. and if it’s no change it’s no growth. I’m all about elevating to the next level being my best self!

Your latest project HARDCORR is out, and available everywhere. How long did it take you to record and master everything?

To be honest, HARDCORR was done years ago. I worked on HARDCORR years before Empire and years after Empire. It’s something I been holding on for awhile just cause I wanted to give it my all you know….I have so much music it was just all about getting the right vibes for the project…. The name wasn’t even HARDCORR in the beginning stages lol gotta thank the OG D Dot aka THE MAD RAPPER he def had hands in the creative process at the time so salute to him. But once we figured out what songs will be placed it took a day or less but the project was done years ago..

From listening to the project, we can tell you’re a very driven, passionate, individual. What was the inspiration for Hardcorr ?

The inspiration for this project was my kids and life situations at the time. I was going threw being homeless at the time and dealing with a bad break up. I was moving far away from my was just a lot I took on and was going threw…. and you will hear more in depth stuff on the next wave of music, trust me.

Is there a specific song on the album that’s your favorite? If so, what is it, and why?

“Make it Out” is my favorite and “Welcome to My Life” cause it really shines light on things I experienced growing up as a child and as a young adult. It’s my truth that most people don’t know about me…. the abuse and shelters just everything.

What was it like working alongside Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson and more on the set of “EMPIRE?”

Working with Terrance Howard for the first time ever was intimidating and amazing The reason why is cause during rehearsals I messed up on a couple lines and he hit me with the (Jerome Get him outta here lol ) so me already being nervous and now I’m messing up lines I felt like they was gonna ask me to leave set lmao…. but na, Terrance is a very good dude he helped me own the character of “Black Rambo.” He gave me great pointers while on set..him and Malik Yoba….

Taraji is amazing. She’s like my big sister, you know? I ask her advice on things and she always helps me whether it’s with characters and how to let myself go and be that character you know she always dropping jewels so I’m always learning from both the vets and who else better to learn from in this business on the acting side

Have you learned anything from your experience acting that you’ve applied when navigating through the music industry?

Well funny enough with acting you have to pretty much let go drop the ego be Vulnerable and let the expressions and emotions flow. Just like with music your not thinking about anything or anyone feelings I write music and zone out I release the anger frustration stress it’s all let out in the music so with acting it’s the same your not even you when acting but the emotions and feelings your putting into the character is you.

You’re currently playing the role of Yosh on Showtime’s “The Chi,” which is co-executive produced by Common. How did you come about this opportunity and does it feel special to be a part of a show based in Chicago?

Well this opportunity came about through my agent. I had to audition just like everyone else… it was a lot of good guys at the audition but what god has for you nobody can take I got the call back that they wanted me so I’m very blessed take nothing for granted…. It just feels amazing to be part of something amazing telling our story on a daily in the city things mothers fathers brothers etc go threw here in Chicago so I feel blessed I really do

What can fans expect next from you? What’s the best way for readers to get in contact with you?

Fans and everyone can expect another project a lot more music and films. Just get use to the voice and face, it’s no stopping! They can follow me at @Corrkendricks on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. If you want to catch the music and latest freestyles check out my SoundCloud.

Thanks again Corr! We’re tuned in, and wishing the best for you.

Thanks so much RESPECT. Mag for the interview and the love. Really appreciate it, stay blessed!

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