RESPECT. Interview: Artist JPO Talks Creative Process, What Inspired Him To Do Art And More

Image Credit: JPoart

JPO has made a name for himself as an artist from Bridgeport who has worked with brands such as GAP, MTV, Universal Music Group and many more. His work is displayed in some of the most beautiful areas in the city, his eye-catching murals are a site to see. He got the pleasure to do a painting of Drake for MTV to announce the music video of the year nominees at First Street Green Park. Bringing us creative paintings and stamping them in beautiful areas of NYC is always a great sight and John seems to put together some of the best work in the big apple. He explains to us which painting is his favorite, what inspired him to do art and much more. John continues to push the envelope when it comes to NYC street art.

Get into the interview below.

RESPECT.:Tell Everyone Who You Are?

J.P: My name is John Paul Ogrodnick aka JPO and I’m an artist based in NYC. I’ve worked with many different artists and brands like GAP, MTV, Universal Music Group and Astral Works Records.
RESPECT.:‘ Where Did You Grow Up?
J.P: I was born and raised in Bridgeport, CT.
RESPECT.: What Made You Gravitate Toward Doing Art As A Kid?
I just always enjoyed drawing as a kid. Mostly album covers, random made up characters and around 7th grade I was introduced to Graffiti so that kinda took over my focus. Trying to figure out what letters looked good together and tagging a bit with some friends.

Instagram: JPoart

RESPECT.: What Is Your Creative Process When You Do Your Paintings/ Graffiti?
J.P: I listen to music, get in almost like a meditative sub conscious zone and start spraying/throwing paint on whatever surface or object I’m painting at the time.
RESPECT.: What Painting or Mural Is Your Favorite?
J.P: So with my process I have to fall in love with each piece I’m working on and then immediately disconnect from it because after it’s done and I show it, it’s not mine anymore it’s the worlds. So all of them have a certain special spot in my heart and mind.

Image Credit: JPoart

RESPECT.: Has Anyone Influential Reached Out To You About Your Work?
J.P: Some “famous” people follow me and my career. But the coolest and most surreal thing about where my work has taken me is forming organic relationships with very creative people in many different professions.
RESPECT.:What Inspired You To Do Art?
J.P: Everything I have experienced in my life so far inspires my work.


Image Credit: JPoart

RESPECT.: How Much Time Do You Devote To Art?
J.P: 24/7/365. Whether it’s painting in the studio or answering emails. I’m always on the grind.
RESPECT.: Has Instagram Helped You Get Your Work Out There?
J.P: Most definitely! But IG has been changing a lot lately and algorithms suck. So it causes you to constantly be on your game and stay up to date.
RESPECT.: Where Do You See Yourself In Art 5 Years From Now?
J.P: I really like where I am now and haven’t planned anything with my art career yet. So I’m just gonna keep rocking and see where the universe takes me.
Instagram: @JPOart