RESPECT. The Artist: Lil’ Toenail

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Lil’ Toenail is not your average rapper. He rocks a giant foot costume and tells it how it is in his video series. He is pursuing music, TV, film, comedy, and merch and has a lot more in the works. He recently released his visual to “Wake Up,” a hit that is clocking in at one million streams (and counting). RESPECT. Got a chance to interview the multi-talent, who spoke on his new music, thoughts on drugs in the Hip-Hop world and who inspired him.

RESPECT.: How did you come up with the name Lil’ Toenail?
One day I woke up.

RESPECT.: Is there any new music releasing soon?

Maybe *Laughs*.

RESPECT.: Which one is your passion? TV, film, comedy or music?

The ability to be a diverse epochal icon and bellwether.

RESPECT.: Who had the idea of you wearing the toe costume in the new “Wake Up” visual?

It just happened.

RESPECT.: Who inspires you?

A: I have listened to a lot of Metal and Punk music earlier in my career, then rolled over to Hip-Hop and Rap. XXXTentacion influenced me a lot. I also listened to Ugly God and Riff Raff because of their lyricism, character, creativity, and energy.

RESPECT.: What’s next for your career?

The Toe takeover. I am going to invade the industry from the inside out.

RESPECT.: What are your thoughts on drugs in the Hip-Hop world?
On a serious note, I don’t approve any types of drugs or drug abuse. In my verse off of the single, “Off The Leash,” I literally said “Fuck getting high, I’m trying to fuck you when you’re sober” I’m basically insulting the idea of being high. I want to motivate people to stay away from drugs. I understand there is people who are truly addicted to drugs, but I want to help fix that issue too. Musicians are often very open about drug abuse and therefore influence consumers to do drugs, whether its subconsciously or not. I’m trying to reduce the use of drugs as an acceptable topic in the hip-hop community.
RESPECT.: What do you want your fans to get from your music?
Looks are deceiving. 
Peep the visual below of his new single “Bussin’ Pieces.”

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