The Movie ‘Downsizing’ Fits Perfectly with Gulliver’s Gate

Downsizing is a clever movie that gets the audience thinking about climate change due to overpopulation, as well as thinking differently about their personal financial situations.

In the movie, to solve the problem of over-population and to create better financial situations, scientists have discovered how to shrink humans to five inches in height. One of the characters in the movie tells Paul Safranek (Matt Damon), “In Leisure Land, your one hundred thousand dollars translates to twelve million dollars.” Say what? In reality, people must live within their means and not live large. They must cut out the expensive cars, clothes and the hottest “Bling.”

Every hip hop artist, DJ, recording engineer, TV personality, radio host or NFL player should consider thinking differently about money and downsizing their expenses to create wealth in different areas. How many artists and sports players do we know who were rich, then became broke? What happened to them? They didn’t downsize their expenses. As my Dominican friend would say, “No money, no honey.” So, bring the money to your honey and start downsizing.

If you want to know how it would feel to downsize like the characters in Downsizing, stop by Gulliver’s Gate, located in Times Square. There, you can imagine yourself as a character from Downsizing and see New York City from a different angle. Hop around to see famous locations in China, Singapore, Russia and Europe.

If you want a nice memory, you can also create a 3D model of yourself by stepping into a magical sphere machine on the second floor. You can really take your imagination to another level. To learn more about the story of Gulliver’s Gate, watch my interview with Gulliver’s Gate co-founder Michael Langer.

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