Artist Mari and Producer Jimmy Lit Release Collaboration EP ‘Mari Lit’

Photo Credit: Mari

Artist Mari and producer Jimmy Lit Discuss their new EP titled Mari Lit with RESPECT Magazine

Half asleep. That’s when a lot of people have some of the craziest ideas. Daydreams about the big mansion that will be owned one day, or imagining the corner office that is walked past every day and how it looks with another name on it. Or, someone could be on the verge of making their next big hit.

While Jimmy Lit and Mari may have been half asleep from tirelessly working, lucky for us, they were on the same wavelength creating the music on their new collaboration EP Mari Lit.

“A lot of [this project] came together organically…like sleeping in the studios overnight,” Mari said. “I’m laying on the couch and Jimmy is messing with a beat and I’m like James wait! What’s that, what’s that? Put me in booth come on. Fire up the mic, let’s go!”

The half sleep notion isn’t to discredit the incredible work the duo created but more to emphasize how much work they have put in to arrive at this moment. In 2017, the duo performed across New York City, secured a song on Comedy Central’s “Broad City” and played at Atlanta’s A3C Festival. The duo met back in early 2015 and there has been a synergy ever since that has led to the sound of the collaboration.

“I knew his manager Justin before I knew Mari,” said Jimmy Lit. I was in the back of a cab after a party Justin threw one time and he said ‘yo I’m working with this dude Mari’ and he passed me an earphone. 12-15 seconds in I asked where did you find this guy?….alright book him and let’s do a show. The first time I saw this man he was bouncing up to me with this bright jacket on and the biggest smile in the world and it was beautiful. I said I like this guy’s energy. Sure enough, here we are three years later.”

On Thursday, February 1st, Mari and Jimmy Lit will perform songs from the EP at Mercury Lounge in New York City.

Check out the Mari Lit EP below

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