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Gerald (Gee) Bryant is a world-renowned wellness and fitness expert, success coach, motivator, and creator of the best-selling fitness program, Results in 28 Days. #RI28. Many people know him as a fitness expert and the brain behind the #1 online fitness program, Results in 28 Days. Gee grew up in the inner city of Philadelphia, and like many others, he was not dealt the best hand in life; Gee completely turned his life around – from drinking and partying, and being in the streets 24/7, with no direction, passing through numerous trials and tribulations, and many thought he would never recover from the life he had been living.

Gee relocated to Atlanta in 2015, with nothing but his car, clothes, and a few dollars in his pocket and a big vision to change the globe. The prospect of succeeding was slim to none, but the relocation to Atlanta was necessary due to circumstances in his hometown. He had given up on the street and party lifestyle and had his sights on producing something of himself; but soon after his relocation, he found himself down and almost all the way out again. Hitting rock bottom seemed to be his destiny, but Gee was not giving way to settle for that and refused to give up. Gee loves helping people, and he knew he was put on this world to help others heal themselves through health and fitness. Today Gee is a NESTA certified, and NASM educated personal trainer, who owns and runs his gym, though, which he has helped thousands of people work through life-changing transformations, both mentally and physically. Gee also know’s that he’s here to help others succeed with their business ventures, as well as motivating and inspiring those who may require help with everything life throws at us.

Gee is a family man and will do anything for his family; a lesson that ascertained from his mother.
His mother always has his biggest supporter; and even when he didn’t know where he was going in life, she was there for him. With Gee’s experiences growing up in Philadelphia, and being involved in some of the things he used to do, he is blessed to be here and very thankful to be able to share his gifts to help others, impacting so many lives with the lemon that Gee was handed, he sustained the good sense to turn it into lemonade.

It wasn’t an easy journey or a natural process, but I conceive it was well worth it for Gee. As someone who never really sustained a “real job”; he hustled and tried numerous business ventures before reaching the success he has today. Today, Gee has graduated from being just a personal trainer to owning and operating multiple businesses. While “RI28”, which stands for, is his flagship company; He owns “Phlexx Fitness” and “The Loft Athletic Club,” which are workout and training facilities in Atlanta, GA. He is also the CMO for “Fitness Plane,” an organization that has paired top fitness analyses with modern technologies to design efficient platforms for trainers to coach and interacted with clients with ease and assurance. Gee also has possession in several other business ventures and is an aggressive investor. As a result of his life and success, Gee believes that he can help anyone from the person who doesn’t know where to start in fitness or entrepreneurship, all the way to the individual who’s trying to grow and scale their business succeed because of his fitness expertise has been featured in various publications, including Rolling Out, BET, Black Star, & the Atlanta Journal Column.

Gee works side by side with Joseline Hernandez as his program has helped her lose her baby weight and she is his partner and Brand Ambassador for his program.

Gee’s program has been featured on “The Real” daytime TV and VH1 (commercial). Numerous celebrities have used Gee’s plan for their own fitness goals including Sky from Black INK. Gee has also worked with Porsha Stewart, and been featured in publications with Eniko Hart discussing her weight loss after her child.

Gee was a featured speaker at the annual “Spark South Conference”. SPARKsouth is a digital marketing conference held in Atlanta, GA (September 29, 2017, at SunTrust Park) designed to facilitate students from throughout the Southeast launch their digital marketing careers. Gee spoke on entrepreneurship and digital advertising Some more upcoming events for Gee included, the St. Jude’s Celebrity basketball game, where he will be competing with and against, any other well-known expressions.

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