Gatorade Introduces the G-Pop Up Store in New York City

The brand that rehydrates and refuels athletes worldwide for over 50 years has decided to give thanks to their fans with an awesome pop up store event located in the big apple. The good folks at Gatorade launched “The G-Pop Up Store”, which is located on 9. West 8th Street in the Greenwich Village section of New York. This amazing two day experience which occurring from Wednesday January 24 to Thursday January 25, gives their fans the opportunity to experience out-of-this-world science that transcends the art of training and elevating high level of athletic capabilities through their fascinating technology of liquid hydration and refueling. Through out the store, consumers are welcome to try their amazing protein bars, classic Gatorade flavors along with getting the opportunities to become amongst the first consumers to try the new flavors which will be in your local neighborhood deli stores soon. Their signature hashtag #WinFromWithin was on full display as fans and consumers were able to see why Gatorade is on the prowl to elevate the way we visualize sports and physical training thanks to their excellence in keeping the athlete in tip toe shape.

As fans were able to check out each station, there were some amazing insights being given to them from experts such as James Carter. If you are not familiar with Mr. Carter, he is the Director of Sports Science Institute for PepsiCo Human Nutrition. Carter and his team were able to bring down the technology on how Gatorade is ready to help the prospective athlete improve on hydration intake before and after intense training. Gatorade has introduce an electrolyte in-take component where they measure how much liquid you need based off of weight, time length of training and how much sweat you release during the intense training session.

While there were intense strength and conditioning workout being held by performance specialist Joe Holder, free hats and bags were being designed thanks to the Gatorade patches being earned after the virtual tour fans go on the minute you stepped into the door. The legendary DJ Clark Kent was in attendance to chop it up with fans and with the talented workers who put their all in making sure this event was lit one for the ages.

The talented designer Dante Beals and his team were able to do a phenomenal job providing perfect stitching on the custom apparel. If you are an huge fan of amazing photography, Gatorade got you covered as the talented Raven Varona is in attendance, taking some dope pics using the iconic orange and green landscape in homage of the legendary Gatorade logo. If you not familiar, Raven who is also known as Ravie B is your favorite athlete and rapper’s favorite photographer. From photographing greats such as Kobe Bryant, LeBron James to Future, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Ms. Varona’s magic eye to capture fascinating content is truly why she always and will #WinFromWithin. Check out this dope experience from the hours of 12 pm and 8pm to see why Gatorade is continuing to put the major chokehold on during competition when it comes to advance technology on refueling your favorite top tier athletes.

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