California Soul Musician A. Kobana Releases “Thrill of a Lifetime” Single

Sometimes artists discover their passions for music through experiences later in life. For Aaleyacis Kobana, this was not the case. The artist vividly remembers how he was somewhat born into his musical career, as it music surrounded him everywhere he went. Growing up, he lived next door to a fellow music fanatic, where his passions initially were derived from. From hanging around his neighbor, he was exposed to a whole other realm of music, including the likes of James Brown and Parliament Funkadelic. This extreme dose of soul music inspired Kobana, and further escalated his desire to be a part of the music industry. Little did he know, as time evolved, Kobana would pursue his musical dreams one day with one mission in mind- keeping it funky.


Through continuing to perfect his craft, he devoted his attention to doing the same for other fellow artists. “My journey toward putting out my own projects included me helping out other artists come together,” said Kobana. “I met other artists through a friend who was trying to get into the industry.” Developing a heightened level of confidence was important for Kobana, and through cultivating his time and interest in other artists, he was able to achieve this. Music as a whole penetrated Kobana’s entire soul, and through this, he knew he was continuing on a path of artistic success.
As the artist joined his first ever performance group called Central City, he clung to rap and hip-hop, as this genre of music appealed to him. “My first interaction working in this business was when I joined the group.I began performing with other artists, in which I learned my own rhythm and timing,” said Kobana. As a member of the group, Kobana was able to intricately hone in on who he was becoming as a full-fledged artist. He knew in order to make it big, he would have to buckle down and focus on becoming the best he could be. And, over the past years, he has done just that.  Over time, he began dabbling into making his own beats, and thoroughly enjoyed the process of audio production, as it was only furthering his career. After Central City called it quits and went their separate ways, Kobana never lost focus, and remained adamant in bringing funk back with his incomparable sound.
Kobana is extremely unique, and his artistry is unlike most in the current musical climate. In his own time, he truly enjoys relaxing and taking in every moment, and he feels his music relays that message. “My sound has a laid-back, party vibe with a funky groove in my performances, and also in my personality itself,” said Kobana. “It’s not about hard or rough times. If you’re listening to my music, you are alleviated of any strife. I want to spread positivity to those who listen to my music.” Currently, he is gearing up to shoot the visuals for his upcoming album, “Funky Baby”, which is due out December 1. His single “Thrill of a Lifetime” is exactly that, as it takes you through a rollercoaster of funk and happiness, providing you a true thrill.
The sky is the limit for Kobana, as he continues to record music, produce short films and write poetry. Be on the lookout for this stellar music maker, as he will be going on tour at the beginning of next year!
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