White Privilege In America 2017: Brock Turner

White privilege is a phrase that white men still don’t want to admit they have. After this weekend I hope that they see what they have and how they have it. Perfect example is RAPIST AND SEX OFFENDER Brock Turner, he became infamous March 2016, after receiving such a light sentence after sexually assaulting (raping) an unconscious woman on campus he was facing 14 YEARS Prosecutors asked for 6 years. He got 6 MONTHS, 3 years probation for FELONIES for sexual assault and got out after 3 months for good behavior. Yes you read that right! He was made to register as a sex offender his father had the nerve to complain that his son’s life was ruined for  “20 minutes of action” what about the victim whose life has become shambles due to this man, who refused to take responsibilities and blamed the assault on drinking and promiscuity. When handling Turners case Judge Aaron Perksy said “He will have to register as a sex offender, A prison sentence would have a severe impact on him,” the judge said. “I think he will not be a danger to others.” so Judges can predict the future?

ONLY in AMERICA are you a victim and have to go through the pain of knowing the man that raped you is allowed to appeal his conviction and say he did not receive a fair trail. LIKE WTF????? Because the jury was tarnished according to the 172-page brief. According to Brock’s attorney the prosecutor incorrectly told jurors during the trial that the sexual assault happened behind a dumpster – and that doing so amounted to prosecutorial misconduct, the San Jose Mercury News reported. Google Brock Turners name  and it says accused Standford swimmer like how is that relevant anymore? He is now a convicted Rapist and Sex offender. Let’s address him by his new title The same way that the media addresses our black men and woman.

Now there Is the story of Brian Banks a Football Star on the rise falsely accused of Raping a woman. He was 16 years old when he was accused and tried as an ADULT. HE unlike Brock was a child he took a plead deal as his attorney advised him. He was sent to juvenile hall for a year before his case came up. He faced 41 years to life in prison and first turned down plea deals for 25, 18 and nine years. Why? He didn’t do it. He finally agreed to undergo 90 days of observation in prison with assurances from his attorney that he would then get probation. It was a better option, he was told, than a young black kid facing an all-white jury.

Instead, Banks received six years from the judge.

It wasn’t until 2012 when the Banks’ accuser recanted her story that he got his life back and was declared an innocent man. He wound up serving five years and two months in prison and five years of high custody parole.

Turner didn’t have a criminal history. He is white. Banks didn’t have a criminal history, either, didn’t even have a speeding ticket. He is black. He was making out on his high school campus in Long Beach, Calif., with a 15-year old girl during the summer of 2002 and by the end of the day, she accused him of rape. To this day, Banks doesn’t know why. Banks is “surprised” the courts found a way to consider Turner’s background and that “he wouldn’t know how to deal with career criminals.” Banks case was over turned and in 2012 A judge overturned Banks 6 year sentence when it came to light that the woman lied about the whole rape allegation.

It’s sad that in 2017 we are still dealing with this and so openly, they say get over slavery, get over the segregation, how do you want us to get over it when your still treating us based on the laws of Jim Crow? or a system that was set up against us? Brock Turner was caught raping a woman. Banks was just accused there was no proof just a woman saying it happened. We can’t say there is no white privilege when our jails are filled with innocent black men with crimes they did not commit. When there are more Brock Turners given special privileges and treated like the victim.

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