Watch Blaze LMKFAO B’s Smoke-A-Thon Visual, “Ozone”

It’s been a while now since the West Coast has provided music with it’s signature best thing (smoking), but it looks like as we enter into 2018 we have a fresh faces blowing some of the best smoke and lyrics — including the up-and-coming artist Blaze LMKFAO B. Blaze has been catching a wave with his LMKFAO click throughout the streets of LA and is ready to take his popularity global. Supporting his campaign is Blaze’s brand new smoke infused music video, “Ozone”.

The video, directed by SupaMajor, follows Blaze LMKFAO B through a smoke-a-thron house party filled with turkey bags of rare strains of Marijuana. As Blaze spits his intoxicating verses, meanwhile, consuming the various strains. Things begin to have an animated effect on the recording and his entourage who also smokes out the rarities. The gang begins bouncing off the walls, literally. The perfect video and jumping on point for stoners all across the world looking for that best thing smokin’.

Blaze and his LMKFAO gang have been stirring up a buzz for themselves these past few years and have a growing movement on the West Coast quickly spreading. Blaze LMKFAO B is a name to definitely get familiar with after watching this new video.

Blaze LMKFAO B Social Media:
Twitter: @blazelmkfaob
Instagram: @blaze_lmkfao_b

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