Summerfield Collective Is On The Rise

In today’s society, it’s not uncommon to see people starting their own fashion lines. But it is uncommon to see true originality. A lot of brands are copying one another and are loosing the essence of true style. True style comes from within, not by looking like the person standing beside you. And in Summerfield, North Carolina that’s exactly what’s going on.

Back in 2016, a group of friends by the names of Justin Cousins-Lee, Artt Kim, David Wept & Alex Amaya came together to create something special. They took their love for quality clothing, rap, and punk culture and turned it into Summerfield Collective.

Summerfield Collective is based off of their lifestyle, the way they dress, carry themselves, and traveling. The Collective represents creativity and a free radical way of thinking. Summerfield Collective prides themselves on not conforming, not being defined by labels, but creating their own perspective on life. Summerfield Collective is a number of different influences expressed through clothing and a mindset that goes against the grain.

Just this year they released their 000 capsule, which did really well and they received a lot of great feedback from their city & peers. Denzel Curry, Troy Ave and Insomniac Rarri were spotted wearing peices from the 000 capsule. Grailed also featured model Jawn Kay, wearing one of the tee’s from the 000 capsule.

Even with such a good year under their belt, the Collective isn’t satisfied & is dedicated to bringing more heat. They’re in the process of creating some cut and sew products so definitely be on the lookout for that. To stay connected with the Collective, sign up to their newsletter on their website, Also, follow them on instagram @summerfieldcollective to stay alert on whats to come. Stay tuned in 2017 for more fire.


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