Scoop B: In wake of Matt Lauer & Harvey Weinstein sexual harrassment allegations, strategist Karen Civil shares importance of women using their voice

Media maven Karen Civil and RESPECT Magazine’s Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson. Photo Credit: Gemini Keez of Keez Cam

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The entertainment industry is hugely male dominated.

That’s a fact! But, male dominated doesn’t mean male controlled.

If 2017 has taught us anything, it has been women using the power of their voice to combat sexual harassment and sexual assault in the workplace.

Notables in the entertainment and news workplace have felt the fury, too. Former NBC Today Show anchor, Matt Lauer, hip hop mogul, Russell Simmons and American film producer, Harvey Weinstein are some of the names that have been implicated in the tumultuous scandal.

Hip hop has been male dominated forever and a day. You see differences in pay, women and their bodies objectified and more.

“We’ve fought for a very long time,” cultural influencer Karen Civil told me on Scoop B Radio.

“We’ve fought for a very long time and I’ve been in places where the victim was looked at as the person who did something wrong and because of that their voices were lowered because they felt like they were messing up a workplace or messing with your career and your ability to go far.”  

Civil turned her fascination with the internet into a lucrative career. Her website, is a hub that aggregates content in news, music releases and celebrity interviews. Her point of entry in mainstream began as an intern with Funkmaster Flex. She’s also been responsible for connecting the dots on a marketing level with Beats by Dre headphones during their early stages with Monster headphones by marketing artists and athletes.

As a result of the current women empowerment movement, many are losing their jobs and awareness of the severity of sexual harassment in the workplace has been a great awakening for many. “I love that this Me-too campaign was created because it shows that we’re not going to take it,” said Civil.

“I love the fact that it’s happening in this day and age with the president that we have now because it shows that we’re not going to silence our voices we’re here and you’re going to respect us.”

Sounds empowering.

Last year, Civil was the director of cool during the Presidential election for Democratic hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton. While women were inspired this year to vote in critical state’s like Alabama, millennials seemed inspired to vote last year. “Young millennials came out in full force and voted for her,” said Civil.

“But I feel like situations like this make us more aware because we see what’s happening around us. So we need to make sure that we’re voting on every level and shows the importance of educating yourself on politics and what’s happening around us.”

With 2018 jump starting next week, million dollar question for Civil: What’s your New Year’s resolution? Being more in a positive space,” she said.

“Because of the world that we live in I always prepare for the worst, but I need to stop doing that and mentally prepare for the best and stop thinking more negatively so definitely being in a more positive mindset.”

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