RESPECT. Interview: Seth Kay Discusses New Album”Attention” & The Current Music Scene In Vancouver BC, Canada

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Seth Kay is a very talented artist and songwriter from Vancouver BC, Canada. He is quickly making a name for himself via his single “No. 5 Orange” off his album Attention. This is his follow-up project to See U In LA.

The single “No. 5 Orange” caught the ear of Freebandz artist Zoey Dollaz. Seth is in a lane of his own, being that Vancouver BC has not really established their own sound like other cities around the globe.

As soon as I heard his leadoff single “Change Up,” it immediately caught my attention because he has a story to tell and a true message to deliver to the public. He starts off the single by using -Z‘s “Intro” verse to DJ Khaled‘s “They Don’t Love You No More

People look at you strange saying you changed
Like you worked that hard to stay the same
Like you doing all this for a reason
And what happens most of the time people change
People change around you because
They starting treating you different because of your success

Throughout the single, he describes how Los Angeles and Houston shows more love for his craft and preparation more than they do in Vancouver. During the whole EP, Seth showcases his ability to articulate his lyrics through his singing talents and rapping skills. This form of talent reminds me of another Canadian Artist in Toronto and me personally I hope Seth and Drake can one day get into the studio together. The Whole “Attention” project was engineered by Award Winning Engineer Jamie Kuse. Through his mastery, Seth Kay directs hip hop’s attention (no pun) to the Westcoast of Canada, where the scene parallels the creative energy experienced by Toronto in the past several years.

RESPECT. recently had the opportunity to interview Vancouver’s own Seth Kay and discussed the current music scene in the city and this is what he had to say “In Vancouver the scene is small but there’s definitely talent here. I’m not sure if anyone else feels it, but I think we’re about to see huge things from this city very soon. I don’t think there’s a specific sound to Vancouver as of yet. That will come through. Everyone’s just sort of figuring it out for themselves but I’m looking to be somebody who defines whatever that sound is to the world.” We also dived into some of the things he endured growing up in Canada.

“It was interesting for me because I moved around a lot as a kid. It’s already a multicultural environment, and then I bounced around between Vancouver, Surrey, even Seattle, so I think that’s part of the reason I have friends from all walks of life. Of course, there’s struggle here like anywhere else but it’s definitely a beautiful place to live.”

The rest of the interview with Seth Kay can be seen below and remember his name I have a feeling he will be making a lot more noise out of the Pacific Northwest.

RESPECT.: Growing up who were some of the musicians that inspired you to pursue a care in the music industry?

Growing up definitely the Jay’s and Nas’… but aside from that, it was the whole punchline throwback jersey era. Fabolous and Dipset would have to be a couple favorites.

RESPECT.: You are releasing a nine-track EP entitled”Attention.”Can take us through the creation process of your project?

This project was kind of experimental. I was trying different beats and melodies, trying to figure out along the way what type of music and vibe I want to create. I think I’ve figured that out now moving forward, and Attention is what I had to go through in order to get there.

RESPECT.:  Beside your single “No. 5 Orange (Remix) Ft. Zoey Dollaz” What are some of your favorite singles of the project and why?

Shout out to Zoey (Freebandz) for that by the way, he heard my shit in Dipt showed love. A real organic type of thing, I appreciate him for that. But aside from that… I like “Mine” because it showcases a lot of what I can do, from production to singing to rapping to just overall songwriting. And I’d have to say the second half of “How It Feel” is a personal favorite. We actually shot a destination video for that with Kat Pasion.

RESPECT.: You had the opportunity to work with Award-Winning engineer Jamie Kuse. What was it like working with him and what techniques did he bring to the “Attention” project?

Jamie is my dude, we’ve been working together for years and he’s been such an important part in helping me craft my sound and where I’m about to take it next. He always delivers and I couldn’t see myself ever really working without him.

RESPECT.: What are some of your music plans heading into 2018?

I have an EP that I’ve already started working on for the first quarter of 2018. I don’t want to say too much about it, but I will say that it’s a different side of me that people haven’t seen yet.

RESPECT.:  Do you plan on coming out with your line of clothing at some point?

We’ve done a soft release the NORTHSIDE Collection. We’ll probably continue to do it that way for now. In time we plan to develop and focus on that more.

RESPECT.: Being that you are from Vancouver BC where does Earls Kitchen + Bar rank on your favorite list of restaurants to dine?

Umm… Earls is cool, their fries taste like McDonald’s so that’s lit. But I would say Cactus Club is my spot. My bro DJ IcyTouch curates their playlists and also DJs live is there so it’s always good music. That, plus the food and service is a vibe.

RESPECT.: Finally, if someone that has not visited the city what are some of the places that you would suggest a tourist visit?

Tour the dispensaries haha. Vancouver is known for its smoke. Aside from that I’d say come in the Summertime when it’s hopefully not raining and after you tour that dispensary to go to the beach. Vancouver is super relaxed and chill, I think our weed and beaches have a lot to do with it.

1. Change Up
2. Attention
3. No. 5 Orange (Remix) Ft. Zoey Dollaz
4. Mine
5.  6 AM 
6. Waste
7. U Got Me
8. Nobody New
9. How It Feel ft. SIDE
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