RESPECT. Interview: Jasmine Sanders Talks Reebok Freestyle Hi Sneaker & Being Ambassador For Reebok

Image Credit: Reebok Classics

Jasmine Sanders is known as the American model and designer signed to The Society Model Management who has walked many luxurious runways. She is also an ambassador for Reebok and has created her own shoe with the company. The Golden Barbie has her own inspired sneaker called the Reebok Freestyle Hi “Contour.”

Lady Foot Locker and Reebok Classics hosted an amazing event (Dec 18) for the ladies to get a first look at the Golden Barbie-inspired Reebok Freestyle Hi “Contour.” The collab, designed by Alexander-John, the sneaker draws inspiration from Jasmine Sanders’ FACE Stockholm color palette. The partnership brings together FACE Stockholm’s bold color palettes with Reebok’s most iconic silhouettes, creating hip, fun and fashion forward looks. The launch event included a panel discussion moderated by Terrence J., featuring Sanders, Alexander-John, Jill Jacobs and Patrick Ta. Attendees enjoyed interactive makeup stations and an inside look at Alexander-John’s design process. The kit is set at $150 and includes the Reebok Freestyle Hi “Contour” sneakers, a FACE Stockholm makeup palette, and exclusive T-shirts and a makeup bag.

We got a chance to speak with the model and designer about her collaboration with Reebok, being an ambassador for the brand and being happy about the finished product. You can check out the full interview below.

Image Credit: Reebok


Image Credit: Reebok Classics

Image Credit: Reebok

Image Credit: Reebok

Get into the interview below.

RESPECT.: How amazing is it to have your own Freestyle Hi Sneaker with Reebok?

Honestly, it’s really crazy. I called my dad the day of and I was like “hey dad, just so you know. I have a shoe coming out”. A lot of it I don’t think he realizes whats going on and he’s a very supportive parent but he’s a dad. He’s like look “I’m not trying to get involved with the makeup and the glitz and glam of it all but I do want to support my daughter as much as I can”. When it comes the fitness my dad is always the one that is grilling me and making sure that I work out the best. It felt really good to get a congratulations from my dad, knowing that he could go to his boys, friends and everyone and tell them hey guess what my daughter has her own shoe. Definitely shook me up a little bit and made me tear up, but it’s just nice a daddy’s girl always feels good knowing she can make her dad proud and I think a shoe is the best way to do that. Especially when it’s very involved in sports and everything.


RESPECT.: How did the idea come about?

We’ve been talking about it for a god minute now and I’m very appreciative to have Reebok even think of me to do this and partner up with me and to have Alexander be apart of the team is very awesome. I’ve seen some of his work before. So to be able to see that I could do a custom shoe that is down to detail is very awesome as I know how much he takes his time. Like I literally was like “Look how much am pulling you away from your parents and family, your wife, your kids and everything to make this happen? And he was like “look the more you ask for another custom shoe for your friends, the more I gotta be away from my lady and she might not mess with me”. I’m just happy I was able to partner with somebody who is so talented and I was also able to partner with Reebok people who completely let me do what I want, and let me vibe out so we can spunk up the girls line a little bit.


RESPECT.: Are you excited about the product?

I’m very happy with the finished product of the shoe. I’m also very excited to see the packaging and see how everybody takes to that. Everybody that knows me knows that I love GLAM, I love makeup and I love all that fun stuff but at the same time there’s a totally different side of me that loves getting super down and dirty and might just slick my hair back and want to get sweaty, run and do all that tomboy stuff. I grew up with brothers, I grew up playing soccer, basketball and volleyball. I grew up playing 3on3 football and basketball in the streets and had to get my dad to stop me in that. So it’s good to do something that can show a little bit of me and vibe out but at the same time give you a little glimpse and let you know that there’s a lot more to Jasmine than you think and there’s a lot more coming.

Image Credit: Reebok

RESPECT.: How great is it to also be an ambassador for Reebok?

It feels amazing. I’ve always looked up to Reebok and I’ve always wanted to work with them for a very long time and to see that they would not only think of me to be an ambassador and be apart of their family but to also allow me to put some creative into it and to trust me into putting something out is a big thing. At the end of the day alot of people don’t give you that opportunity and I really, really appreciate it because it’s something that I really didn’t think would happen this soon in my career. It feels really good to accomplish it and honestly to the whole Reebok team I’m like thank you guys so much. I have yet to really grasp what is happening. So I feel like I’ll be crying and doing all that fun stuff later but thank you guys for allowing it to happen.

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