RESPECT. Interview: El Paso, Texas Artist Armonxx Talks ‘Dystopia II’ & More

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Hailing from Indianapolis but residing in West Texas, Armonxx is very rapidly becoming a force as a rising young talent in rap through his sly and abstract lyrical ability and versatility with melodies and hooks. He also produces and creative directs, making him a shapeshifting artist who refuses to be placed in one box.

RESPECT. Magazine recently had the opportunity to speak with Armonxx to discuss his EP “Dystopia II” and what inspired him to create this project  and how has Indianapolis & El Paso showchased on the EP. The full interview can be seen below.

RESPECT.: You were born and raised in Indianapolis Indiana but now reside in West Texas. Can you share with us how that is portrayed in the creation your of music?

Well, my music doesn’t have a specific set influence and place on it, but I always told myself one of my goals is to push my cities barriers both Indianapolis & El Paso. I feel they are kind of behind or stuck in one lane with Hip Hop music, Atlanta/Chicago Influences Indianapolis, Houston, El Paso, all influenced me here & there. Even though El Paso its starting to come up their talents like Khalid & Evander Grimm, etc. & Indianapolis with Ye Ali. I just want the kids not to be afraid to create their style & sound& push the creativity.

RESPECT.: How has the change of scenery affected you as a person?

I’m way more open-minded now, and I’ve had the opportunity live with a variety of different individuals where I am from and this has made me a better person.

RESPECT.: What message do you want to deliver to the public with your music?

My goal is to be one of the greatest ARTISTS of all time. It’s a big goal, but I urge & slave to leave a mark on this planet, I say artist because I’m about the whole 360 Art. Once I Reach whatever peak that is destined for me (God Forbid) Through Audio & Sonics, I wanted to the same thing Visually. I want to impact peoples lives.

RESPECT.: Can you tell us what the backstory of your title choice of  “Dystopia II EP.”?

Dystopia started during a hard time in my life three years ago.  I was trying to figuring out myself & discover my sound as an artist. I was frustrated with my life, and during the process, I was working at Walmart when I entirely to go over my best friend “Ghxxst” house. He is my primary producer, and we both just decided we were going to pursue music full time.

The 1st “Dystopia EP ” included Toronto producer Lahghost & German Producer Drupes along with “ghxxst” & I. Dystopia just means the opposite of Utopia or Paradise, which I felt like I was in that point of my life, trapped in a stagnant hell in my mind, and this is the ending sequel to it.

RESPECT. had the opportunity to Premiere the “Dystopia II EP.” Can tell us a couple of your favorite singles off of the project and why? 

I think “Party Over” is one of my favorites because to me it’s an absolute hit and I knew it was from the first 5 seconds of hearing the beat.& “Pretty Things gonna Kill Us” because I made it like 3 or 4 years ago and it always stuck because it was unique. Monster / Pink Monster because that beat is undeniable, I think this is one of the best producers right now, and soon people will see.

RESPECT.: You also are one of the producers of this project. Can you take us through the creation process of the project?

Well, I just know what direction I want my projects to go & what sound and frequency I want to trigger and messages I give people, Lyrically & Sonically it’s a whole vibe. That can also be played back to front.

RESPECT.: I noticed you are working closely with Ryan Butler a public relation guru and graphic designer. How did this relationship come about? 

When I started working on the first dystopia, I met another producer that was good friends with him, and he put me on to him

Then he was working with Bluntiq magazine, and he showed me love gave me my first blog placement, ever since we stayed in touch he is a real genuine person, and it is hard to find those in this industry.

RESPECT.: In the new year who are some of the upcoming talents from your area that you like to work with as an artist? 

Well, I’m working on getting that Khalid collab happening he has gotten very big right now & Ye Ali has a dope pen game I feel we would make an excellent collab. But overall if I like another artist ill collab, but I don’t collab that much, I’m trying to change that up.

RESPECT.: What can we expect from you in the first quarter of 2018?

I have like 11 Eps & hundreds of songs already done, but a lot of it may never come out. I’m not into over-saturation with too much music at a time, I work very hard in only worried about quality & substance, the rap game is a marathon, not a race so we will see who can adjust & still be around 5 to 10 years from now. Top of the year I have two I want to drop

“Look What You’ve Created”  & “Flowers in My Bedroom Cry” it’s looking like February for the release, both are two very different bodies of work & show a different part & sound of me.

RESPECT.: There is a lot of talented young artists throughout the country is there anybody that you would like to collaborate with on a project? 

I would love to do a tape with Metro or Pharrell. But I hope mainly to get songs with my Idols & favorites Kanye, Gucci, Kid Cudi, Kendrick, Outkast, Earl & Wayne & Drake, so I’m just putting that in the Universe.

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