RESPECT. Interview: Cam’ron & Todd Krinsky Of Reebok Talk 3:AM Content Series with Foot Locker

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Reebok and Foot Locker have teamed up to launch a 3:AM Content series bringing along two of the brightest creatives in Cam’ron x Trevor Andrew. On Tuesday 12, a launch for the series was held at NYC 33 where Killa Cam, Todd Krinsky and Trevor were all in attendance. Harlem’s own Killa Cam has always been known to keep it crafty on the fashion side of things, always making things cool and presenting the latest fashion trends. The legend performed hits like ‘I really mean it’ and ‘Hey Ma’ in front of the NYC33 crowd. He made sure to shout-out the Reebok family and Trevor Andrew on his Workout Plus sneaker and capsule collection with Reebok Classics.

“For most creatives, 3:AM represents something entirely different from the average person, allowing creators unfettered focus to dive into their work in the early morning hours to further their own projects, collaborate with like-minded creators and ultimate bring their projects to life”.

RESPECT caught up with the Harlem bred to talk about the 3:AM content series, working with Trevor Andrew and Todd Krinsky, giving one fashion tip to fans and what to expect from the series in whole. Todd Krinsky also got a chance to talk about the series and the inspiration behind launching 3:AM.

Learn more about the 3:AM content series here.

Image Credit: Reebok Classics

Get into the interview below.

RESPECT.: From the series, what exactly should we expect from the series?

Cam’ron: You know we just doing work in the studio and smoking most of the time as far as nightime activities.


What is a pet peeve that you have when trying to create?

Cam’ron: I get it out the room, I don’t really have anything that bothers me too much being creative because I have to be in a certain environment to be creative, not just being creative. In life in general, I put myself in a good environment so nothing really bothers me too much.


What is one fashion tip you could give fans?

Cam’ron: Be yourself, that’s really the only fashion tip I could give you because its no right or wrong when it comes to fashion. Nobody has the right way to fashion. You can be a businessman and dress in suits or you can live in Saudi Arabia and dress in dashikis. It’s no really particular one way to dress you know. My advice is, be yourself.


How cool has it been working with Trevor?

Cam’ron: It was dope man, we worked together for about 3 or 4 days and we got alot done in those 3 to 4 days and he’s a real cool guy he doesn’t go by anybodies timeline, schedule or anything he does things when he’s ready to do them and I like that.


How has it been working with Todd Krinsky and Reebok?

Cam’ron: It was dope. Everybody at Reebok shows alot of love and I’m happy to be apart of the team.

Image Credit: Reebok Classics


Q & A with Todd Krinksy:

RESPECT.: What was the inspiration behind creating the content series?

Todd Krinsky:  think that we were talking about a new way to enter the music space that we were so big on for so long. We started working with a lot of different creatives like designers, music artist and their was this insight that they all shared. Individually they all were talking about the fact that their most creative space is after midnight and its specifically at 3am. So we got this insight and talked more and more with different people and realized every creative person is up and energy is flowing at midnight. Whether your at an art studio, recording in a music studio so we felt this 3:AM insight was really cool to vibe off of and become like a campaign. Its incredibly relevant and resonates with every creative person we talk to.


How has it been working with Cam’ron over the years?

Todd Krinsky:  think Cam’s been great. Hes easy to work with, he’s always where you ask him to be, he supports the brand. Even before he had his own shoe and I think once he got his own shoe he’s even more excited and part of Reebok. He’s just amazing because he’s one of the most credible artist to do it. Being from New York, being from Harlem. Its also great because were known to be a East coast classic brand so it really fits. But he’s just been great he’s creative, he’s fun to work with with he’s definitely funny. I think he’s enjoyed the partnership as much as we have.


What do you feel creatives will learn throughout the series?

Todd Krinsky: Creatives are going to learn how other people get inspired. I think that s the main thing. The insights are already there that people are up and creating after midnight but to see how different creatives kind of areas get their influence and direction is very interesting. So if you’re a music artist you;re going to learn how a designer gets their inspiration. If you’re a designer you will learn how she gets her inspiration in the studio. I think its alot of insight on how people get their inspiration to create the great work they create. In the end, their all creative people but they find their passion and influence from different places. Its going to be cool to see how these people interact with each-other.


What does 3:AM mean to you?

Todd Krinsky: I just think i’ve been doing this a long time and I think the idea of working with a music artist and creating a shoe or doing the same thing I think those days are over. 3:AM is really cool to me because it’s where all the young people are creating and where the energy is. For me it represents a brand new way of telling great stories about our brand through this huge insight that everything is happening after midnight.


You can check out the full short video below.

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