#RelationshipGoals: The Creators of GoldJuice are Living Proof That You Can Have Fun Creating an Empire

Some may call it destiny. Others may call it the reward of “shooting your shot”. But the young couple consist of Olivia Ovalles and Willie Fryson has been shaking up the internet one post at a time. What “went down in the dms” between these two popular influencers have led to major success and a widespread of admirers coming out of the woodworks. When their relationship went official on Instagram in June of 2017, it was the birth of an young generation power couple brand who are ready to take over the game known as “GoldJuice”.

Olivia, a Queens, New York native, was a YouTube sensation before getting involved with Willie. Her videos promoting brands such as Glamglow, Song Pop 2, Material Girl, Missguided, Urban Decay, Zaful and Romwe have helped her gain a substantial amount of followers on Instagram and on her YouTube page. Meanwhile, Willie, an aspiring independent artist hailing out of Baltimore, Maryland, has been creating music since the tender age of 9.With the help of being a popular senation thanks to Vine, he was able to get a strong following of over 500,000 followers and roughly 200,000 views on YouTube. This has introduced aย  major buzz that has labels keeping an eye out on him.

When you combine Olivia’s “witty, charismatic and beauty” with Willie’s “singing talent, hustle, fun, drive”, you get to see why “GoldJuice” has up to 675,000 subscribers.ย  Their platform has able to make comparisons as being the dubbed the “it” couple of this new generation. Recently, Willie, one half of “GoldJuice” was able to take time out of his day to catch up with RESPECT as the couple prepares to take over 2018.

RESPECT: How has the power of social media affected both of your lives as a brand and in your personal relationship?

Willie: It helped us grow as a brand because we both came in the game separately. She was doing her own thing with beauty and I was doing my own thing with music. So when we came together to collaborate on videos while continuing to elevate our signature platform, the public who were noticing thought it was inspiring. People became amused about us putting our relationship out there and I think that it’s just being real; it’s organic and it’s just being authentic.

RESPECT: How are the both of you able to embellish each of your own personal niche to GoldJuice?

Willie: Well, Olivia puts the business, beauty, sparkle and cleanness in the brand. I put more of an fun, spontaneous, “let’s turn up” animated, comedy aspect to it. It goes hand-in-hand of me playing the role as a hilarious, down-to-earth, goofy character while she plays the personal, motivating “keep your head up” role.


RESPECT: Has there ever been a conflict of interest in figuring out which should be the main focus between music or fashion?

Will: No, because she doesn’t do music, I only do that. Since she knows my passion is for music, she lets me soley focus on that which is my passion and I help her focus on her passion which is fashion. I do fashion too but I don’t take seriously how she does and I wouldn’t want to interfere with herย  nor overshadow her taking over the fashion game and I know she don’t want her fashion niche overshadow what I do in music. It’s a equal balance to say the least.

RESPECT: How has growing up in different major cities amongst the both of you affect the chemistry and communication you have with one another?

Will: Well coming from a rough place like Baltimore, I try not to really broadcast it like that because it’s bad over there. I know in Queens, it’s sections over there in which is not really a good look. I realize between those two places that there are negative energy all around. So I met Olivia in Connecticut and I explained to her where I was from and what I was into growing up in Baltimore. She wasn’t pleased about it. If you see two positive energies trying to make way through the negativity, there’s ways into figure out how to get rid of it. We both moved from the east coast to west coast to avoid bad distraction, negative friendships and family members so we can stay focus and to achieve our dreams.

RESPECT: Name a song that you feel best describes your relationship and why?

WIll: “Can’t Leave Em Alone”- 50 Cent ft Ciara. I think that’s the perfect song that matches our relationship. It’s just I can’t leave her alone and she can’t leave me alone.I’ll do anything for her at the end of the day.

It seems like the sky is the limit for this young “it” couple who have a series of t-shirts debuting soon. Be on the look out as they continue to inspire and to motivate young people nationwide as they becoming walking role models of putting the pedal to the medal in pursuing your dreams.

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