Reebok & Foot Locker Launch New Reebok Presents “3:AM’ Content Series Featuring Cam’ron and Trevor “Trouble” Andrew

3:AM represents the creators who focus on their work in the early morning hours to further their own projects, collaborate with like-minded creators and help bring these projects to life.

The series will kick off in New York City – the city that never sleeps.  To bring this concept to life, Reebok and Foot Locker have partnered with two of New York’s groundbreaking creatives – Harlem rapper and Reebok ambassador Killa Cam and trailblazing Bedford-Stuyvesant based artist Trevor “Trouble” Andrew. They will follow both Cam’ron and “Trouble” Andrew through their nighttime activities. They will get a peek into what makes these particular creatives tick and how the unique hum of NYC nights inspires their ongoing work and their creativity, with further visual pieces to come.

“At Reebok, we’re always on the search for the best creative minds to work with, the most unexpected collaborations, and the most innovative and daring ways to tell unique stories,” said Todd Krinsky, General Manager of Reebok Classic. “The ‘3:AM’ series with Foot Locker allows us to do this in a boundary-breaking way, and we’re honored to have both Cam’ron and Trevor Andrew to launch the first chapter of this program.”

They will be sharing additional content for this inaugural content piece, and keep you posted as we visit other cities throughout 2018. Check out more info here at Reebok Presents 3:AM.

Check out the teaser trailer video above.

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