RESPECT. Premiere: C Wells Bounces Back Harder Than Ever with ‘Dear Summer 2’

C Wells

After dropping his previous project Before The Tour Bus, C Wells has been dormant collecting his thoughts. The New England native has been maneuvering differently in anticipation for the release of his next project Dear Summer 2. Taking it back to when rappers used to make whole mixtapes that were strictly remix-based, Wells sets the tone speaking live and direct to his listeners. Known for his lyricism and cold razor sharp metaphors, Wells has been able to create his own category where he stands alone, rather being compared to the next artist. It seems as if Wells has tunnel vision where he only makes lucrative moves; nothing in this world is free and neither should be his music.

After performing at A3C Festival in Atlanta, GA, Wells has been working harder than ever, looking forward to expanding his reach in the industry. The nine-track tape includes “Magnolia” and “Gummo” remixes, where Wells flexes on both records and solidifies his spot in the North Shore as one of the most prolific artists. It’s clear that, with remixes, it’s nothing more than mere food for him where he’s using the instrumental as dental floss. This being the last of his remix-based mixtapes, Wells wanted to not only put other artists on notice but also make it known that as soon as you let your foot off the gas, he’ll be right behind you to take your place.

Below you can listen to Dear Summer 2 via Soundcloud.

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