Todd Zack Jr. Returns With Soothing New EP, ‘Evoking Emotions’

Elyria, Ohio. When it comes to naming notable cities in the state of Ohio – or anywhere for that matter – how often would you include the 14th largest city in The Buckeye State? My guess is probably never—but that might be changing soon. After appearing on the RESPECT. Magazine pages numerous times for slaying hook after hook on guest features, Ohio to Las Vegas transplant Todd Zack Jr. officially jumps in the game with his new EP, Evoking Emotions, a sultry 6-track project that showcases Todd’s vast improvement as a songwriter and melodic presence.

Kicking off the project with the climatic intro, “Waiting,” Zack wastes no time letting you know his intentions with this project—and that’s too literally draw out every emotion that you have. From happiness, to sadness, all the way to hunger on the stand-out lead single, “Euphoria,” in which Zack enlists his woman to join him on a road trip filled with haze, junk food and lust. With the previously mentioned tracks being a bit more melodic, Zack demonstrates the strides he made as a pure vocalist with the track, “Inhibitions,” which see’s Todd examining a broken woman that he dreams of parlaying into a strong presence in his life.

It’s the second track, though, that’s the one I believe stands apart from the rest. On, “Come Here,” Todd complete reaches into his bag and refuses to let up. Set to the tone of what sounds like a stripped down afro-beat with a Gotham City influence, “Come Here,” is Todd at his absolute best. Relaying a tale of an everyday woman who’s contemplating the pros and cons of a girl’s night out, Zack perfectly captures the essence of man trying to get his woman to do the exact opposite—all while still keeping his focus on the benefit of the woman, true player shit. “I think you should put your phone down, airplane mode get in your zone now. Playlist, straight hits, that’s it,” croons the Ohio native on the opening verse of the track, and if you can’t think of three women in your head that this song describes…. You’re not living your best life, trust me.

Overall, Evoking Emotions is Todd Zack Jr. moving a step forward and putting the industry on notice. With a short, but very sweet 6-tracks, ‘Evoking Emotions’ should serve as a teaser for what Zack has in store for 2018. Check out the stream of the project below, as well as the video for, “Euphoria” above.


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